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Vol 46 no 1, Feb 2024
Twin Chests of Drawers for Government House, Hobart
By E J Bateman   |   February 2024   |   Vol 46 no 1

An exploration into the construction and history of an early, distinctively veneered chest of drawers from Tasmania reveals that it has a twin. E.J. Bateman presents the evidence of the two chests' provenance, noting the 'broad arrow' Government inventory marks, and suggests that they were made by convict cabin...

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Vol 45 no 4, Nov 2023
The face in the footstool: James Barclay’s rare clocks
By Graham & Sallie Mulligan   |   November 2023   |   Vol 45 no 4

Recycling ain’t what it used to be. Launceston clock and watch experts Graham and Sallie Mulligan came across a tapestry
footstool which their sharp eyes recognised as comprising re-used parts of an old clock. Further investigation revealed that the
parts came from a sign...

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Vol 43 no 4, November 2021
Book reviews
By Claire Blakey & Nat Williams   |   November 2021   |   Vol 43 no 4

Petra ten-Doesschate Chu and Max Donnelly with Andrew Montana and Suzanne Veldink, Daniel Cottier: Designer, Decorator, Dealer.
Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, Yale University Press, New Haven CT 2021. Hard cover,
256 pp, 200 illustrations, Booktopia price $59 plus postage.

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Vol 43 no 1, February 2021
Angels in the Studio in Western Australia
By Dorothy Erickson   |   February 2021   |   Vol 43 no 1

Continuing our story of the women artists who worked in Western Australia,1 we examine the careers of those who exhibited in the Paris and Glasgow international exhibitions at the turn of the century – when Western Australia was in the midst of a Gold Rush. While Lady Forrest’s work was exhibited in a separ...

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Vol 42 no 3, August 2020
W.J. Williams and his paintings
By Graham J. Williams   |   August 2020   |   Vol 42 no 3

In 2018, Dr Andrew Montana restored William Joseph Williams (1851–1918) as the artist responsible for the late 19th-century painted decoration in South Australia at Ayers House, the Museum of Economic Botany, Rigby’s bookshop, Trew’s South Australian Club Hotel and probably Para Para.1 Now the artist’s ...

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Vol 42 no 2, May 2020
At Home' at Clairville: a Tasmanian Branch event
By Scott Carlin   |   May 2020   |   Vol 42 no 2

On a beautiful summer’s afternoon, 85 members from Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart and northern Tasmania attended the Tasmanian Branch’s 2020 opening event, an ‘At Home’ at Clairville (plate 1) near Evandale, courtesy of the owners, Michael McWilliams and Robert Henley (plates 2-3). The event on 22 ...

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Vol 41 no 4, Nov 2019
Australia's first art potters
By Gregory Hill   |   November 2019   |   Vol 41 no 4

Brothers Graham and William Ferry both trained as potters in Yorkshire, emigrated to Victoria and set up their own potteries in Melbourne’s Brunswick in the last two decades of the 19th century. Noted for their sculptural domestic wares and colourful majolica wares, here Greg Hill makes the case for recognisi...

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Vol 41 no 2, May 2019
Digitisation for Researchers
By Yvonne Barber   |   May 2019   |   Vol 41 no 2

At our request, Sydney researcher Yvonne Barber put down some thoughts to help you (and me) improve our knowledge and techniques for researching Australiana, using the November 2018 article on Adelaide painter and decorator W J Williams as an example.

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Vol 40 no 4, Nov 2018
W. J. Williams: art decorator of Ayers House, North Terrace, Adelaide
By Andrew Montana   |   November 2018   |   Vol 40 no 4

At a heritage conference in Adelaide in 2015, Dr Donald Ellsmore attributed the superb interior decoration at Adelaide’s Ayers House and Gawler’s Para Para in South Australia to the Sydney decorating firm of Lyon, Cottier & Co. and their employee Charles Gow, purely on speculation. Till now, his opinion has...

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Vol 39 no 3, Aug 2017
The Beleura collection of Klytie Pate pottery
By Catherine Moffatt   |   August 2017   |   Vol 39 no 3

Beleura, the house and garden on the Mornington Peninsula on the southern shore of Port Phillip Bay, is an estate left to the people of Victoria by John ‘Jack’ Morton Tallis (1911–1996), the youngest son of Sir George Tallis of J C Williamson theatres fame... Here was a mystery: how did John Tallis know K...

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Vol 38 no 4, Nov 2016
Making a new mace for the Australian Catholic University
By Christine Erratt   |   November 2016   |   Vol 38 no 4

How things are designed and made should interest all those with a passion for the creative arts. One of our members, Christine Erratt, was involved in the process of designing a new mace for the Australian Catholic University because of the important articles she wrote for Australiana, and another member, W.J. ...

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Vol 38 no 1, Feb 2016
The Champion's Belt of Isaac Reid, heavyweight prize-fighter
By Karen Eaton   |   February 2016   |   Vol 38 no 1

The National Gallery of Australia holds a three-piece silver buckle that originally formed the central element of a Champion’s Boxing Belt presented to prize-fighter Isaac Reid in 1847 (plate 1). This remarkable belt was made by Sydney silversmiths J.J. Cohen & Son1 and engraved by John Carmichael. Until rece...

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Vol 36 no 4, November 2014
Gold Rush jewellers of Melbourne and Dunedin: Wagner & Woollett, Lamborn & Wagner and Wollett and Hewitt
By Michel Reymond   |   November 2014   |   Vol 36 no 4

Jewellers William Lamborn, Leopold Wagner and Samuel Woollett all arrived at Melbourne in the first few years after the discovery of gold in Victoria in 1851. Recent research has uncovered new information on these jewellers and their firms – Wagner & Woollett, Lamborn & Wagner and Woollett & Hewitt. The new i...

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Vol 35 no 4, November 2013
Jewellery is for giving
By John Wade   |   November 2013   |   Vol 35 no 4

Collectors and Australiana Society members Graham and Elizabeth Cocks will be remembered by a collection of Arts and Crafts jewellery, generously given by their daughters to the Art Gallery of South Australia and the Powerhouse Museum.

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Vol 28 No 4, November 2006
Vol 28 No 3, August 2006
Vol 23 No 4, November 2001
Vol 2No 4, November 1999
Vol 2No 1, February 1999
Obituary: Dr Robert J. L. Martin
By    |   February 1999   |   Vol 2No 1

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Vol 16 No 1, February 1994
Ostentation and the Ostrich
By Majorie Graham   |   February 1994   |   Vol 16 No 1

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Vol 14 No 4, November 1992
Roller Skating in Australia
By Majorie Graham   |   November 1992   |   Vol 14 No 4

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Vol 11 no 4, Nov 1989
Concentration on Concrete
By Majorie Graham   |   November 1989   |   Vol 11 no 4

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Vol 6 no 4, Oct 1984
W. J. Sanders and Company
By Kenneth Cavill   |   October 1984   |   Vol 6 no 4

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