At Home' at Clairville: a Tasmanian Branch event, Scott Carlin

Vol 42 no 2, May 2020
Article from Vol 42 no 2, May 2020

At Home' at Clairville: a Tasmanian Branch event, Scott Carlin


On a beautiful summer’s afternoon, 85 members from Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart and northern Tasmania attended the Tasmanian Branch’s 2020 opening event, an ‘At Home’ at Clairville (plate 1) near Evandale, courtesy of the owners, Michael McWilliams and Robert Henley (plates 2-3). The event on 22 February 2020 marked a new beginning for Clairville, a treasure of Australia’s architectural and design heritage whose future has been secured. John Sinclair built Clairville on a 700-acre grant he had received in 1826 for his role in the capture of a member of Matthew Brady’s bushranging gang. About 1860 Sinclair sold the property to Dr Donald Cameron of Fordon, Evandale; Cameron’s elder son Donald inherited Fordon and his younger son Robert was given Clairville.

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