Issue Vol 43 no 4, November 2021

Vol 43 no 4, November 2021

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Vol 43 no 4, November 2021

Queensland 1859 Secession’ pottery medals, Geoff Ford
Meshach Stevens, artist, painter and tradesman, Robert Stevens
The use of Australian tulip wood in Australian furniture and boxes, David Bedford
Australian flora and fauna on silver spoons 1971–2021, Christine Erratt
‘Royal memories of Canberra’; repatriating the Duke of Gloucester’s 1946 collection Scenes of Canberra by John Eldershaw, Sam Nichols
Book reviews, Claire Blakey & Nat Williams
Australiana Society tours 2021: Bathurst Heritage Weekend, John Wade & Yvonne Barber
Australiana Society tours 2021: Ballarat and Camperdown Tour, Robert Stevens

Cover: Meshach Stevens (1811–1885), Northern Whale Fishery, 1830s–1840s, oil on canvas, 72 x 98 cm, detail. Inscription verso likely in artist’s hand: ‘A view of Wale Fishing at Greenland and Davis Straits the Mode of Taking and Killing Sperm Wale Seal etc / Painted by M Stevens / Hobartown Vandiemens Land [sic].’ Collection: Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, QVM:1927:FP:0840, purchased by Launceston City Council (Beattie Collection), 1927.

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