Angels in the Studio in Western Australia, Dorothy Erickson

Vol 43 no 1, February 2021
Article from Vol 43 no 1, February 2021

Angels in the Studio in Western Australia, Dorothy Erickson


Continuing our story of the women artists who worked in Western Australia,1 we examine the careers of those who exhibited in the Paris and Glasgow international exhibitions at the turn of the century – when Western Australia was in the midst of a Gold Rush. While Lady Forrest’s work was exhibited in a separate space, others who exhibited there together were Mrs J. S. Anderson, Dircksey Cowan, May Creeth, Annie Dorrington, Etta Finnerty, Gertrude E. Ford, May Gibbs, Mrs E. Hardey of Geraldton and Mr W. C. Thomas of Albany (plate 1). May Creeth and her sister Helen have already been covered in earlier articles2 so we will briefly mention her and concentrate on what we know of the other women who exhibited in Paris and Glasgow.

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