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Vol 46 no 1, Feb 2024
Artur Loureiro, a navigator of the fine arts: from Porto to Melbourne
By Andrew Montana   |   February 2024   |   Vol 46 no 1

Born in Portugal and trained in Europe, Artur Loureiro (1853–1932) settled in Melbourne where he painted and taught art for a living between 1884 and 1904. Painting various subjects in a wide range of styles, he associated with all the leading Melbourne artists of the time – Streeton, Conder, McC...

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Vol 45 no 3, Aug 2023
A Gift for the Queen: Andrew Lenehan’s Casket
By Yvonne Barber   |   August 2023   |   Vol 45 no 3

Zealous colonists wanted those ‘at home’ to know how economically successful the British colonies in Australia had become. When gold was found in 1851, the Governor of New South Wales sent specimens of the first gold, in boxes made using selected colonial timbers by Irish-born cabinetmaker Andrew...

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Vol 44 no 4, Nov 2022
William Knox D'Arcy: Art Collector and Patron
By Dianne Byrne   |   November 2022   |   Vol 44 no 4

William Knox D’Arcy (1849–1917) is remembered today as an indefatigable adventurer, who through financial daring and
extraordinary good fortune, became the ‘founder’ of the modern oil industry in the Middle East. However, there is another
facet to his life, as the ex-Rockhampton solicitor who became a...

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Vol 44 no 1, February 2022
Through the looking glass – identifying W. H. Rocke & Co’s second Melbourne International Exhibition 1880 drawing-room cabinet
By Andrew Montana   |   February 2022   |   Vol 44 no 1

Objects and art shown at international exhibitions always attract a premium. Often, they really were ‘showpieces’, specially made to demonstrate the maker’s skills, ability and cutting-edge design. Three room suites of W. H. Rocke’s furniture displayed at the prestigious Melbourne International Exhibiti...

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Vol 43 no 4, November 2021
Book reviews
By Claire Blakey & Nat Williams   |   November 2021   |   Vol 43 no 4

Petra ten-Doesschate Chu and Max Donnelly with Andrew Montana and Suzanne Veldink, Daniel Cottier: Designer, Decorator, Dealer.
Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, Yale University Press, New Haven CT 2021. Hard cover,
256 pp, 200 illustrations, Booktopia price $59 plus postage.

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Vol 42 no 3, August 2020
W.J. Williams and his paintings
By Graham J. Williams   |   August 2020   |   Vol 42 no 3

In 2018, Dr Andrew Montana restored William Joseph Williams (1851–1918) as the artist responsible for the late 19th-century painted decoration in South Australia at Ayers House, the Museum of Economic Botany, Rigby’s bookshop, Trew’s South Australian Club Hotel and probably Para Para.1 Now the artist’s ...

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Vol 41 no 3, Aug 2019
And to beautify his house": Lyon, Cottier & Co.'s ecclesiastical window glass and decoration during the 1870s'
By Andrew Montana   |   August 2019   |   Vol 41 no 3

Sydney stained glass artists Lyon Cottier & Co. carried out many commissions in public, private and religious buildings in their 50 years of activity from 1873 to 1924. Prominent architects chose their work for Sydney’s GPO, Government House and Parliament House. Religious services were an important and frequ...

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Vol 41 no 2, May 2019
Kingston’s vision: South Australia’s earliest and most enigmatic piece of colonial furniture

Three South Australian researchers explore the possible genesis and history of a massive red gum bookcase which came up at an Adelaide auction in 2017. Using a variety of evidence, sources and methods, they identify the bookcase as a very early piece of South Australian furniture and mount a case for who commis...

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Vol 40 no 4, Nov 2018
W. J. Williams: art decorator of Ayers House, North Terrace, Adelaide
By Andrew Montana   |   November 2018   |   Vol 40 no 4

At a heritage conference in Adelaide in 2015, Dr Donald Ellsmore attributed the superb interior decoration at Adelaide’s Ayers House and Gawler’s Para Para in South Australia to the Sydney decorating firm of Lyon, Cottier & Co. and their employee Charles Gow, purely on speculation. Till now, his opinion has...

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Vol 40 no 1, Feb 2018
Tribute: John Rothwell (Ginger) Morris
By Peter Watts   |   February 2018   |   Vol 40 no 1

Peter Watts composed this tribute to John Morris, former director of the National Trust (NSW) and a former President of the Australiana Society. He outlines John’s substantial contribution to heritage conservation in NSW, where he and his allies took the fight up to bureaucrats and developers to preserve buil...

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Vol 37 no 3, Aug 2015
Treasurer's Report
By Andrew Morris   |   August 2015   |   Vol 37 no 3

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Vol 37 no 3, Aug 2015
Richard Batholomew Smith's Wunderkammer
By Andrew Montana   |   August 2015   |   Vol 37 no 3

R.B. Smith made his model of the Strasburg Clock to celebrate the centenary of British settlement. It was hailed as a “scientific triumph of Australian workmanship”. At first, Smith exhibited it privately “like a fat woman in a country fair”1 until it found a home in Sydney’s Technological Museum. The...

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Vol 37 no 2, May 2015
By David Kelly and Brian McHenry   |   May 2015   |   Vol 37 no 2

The first update to my book Convict and Free: the Master Furniture-makers of NSW 1788–1851 will be available on CD in December, with at least two new chapters, on Thomas Mercer Booth and John McMahon. However, Australiana members may be interested to learn now that a reader from Ireland has provided me with d...

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Vol 36 no 2, May 2014
Australiana Society Annual Reports 2013

Our first event after the last AGM was the show-stopping evening at the Mitchell Library to view the Macquarie collector’s chest, the Dixson collector’s chest and the Wallis album with Elizabeth Ellis and Richard Neville. This was one of the very best events that I can remember, with the unique opportunity ...

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Vol 35 no 3, August 2013
Vol 35 no 3, August 2013
Vol 34 no 2, May 2012
Vol 34 no 2, May 2012
Vol 34 no 1, February 2012
Vol 33 no 2, May 2011
Vol 32 no 4, November 2010
Vol 32 no 3, August 2010
Vol 32 no 2, May 2010
Vol 31 no 4, November 2009
Vol 30 No 3, August 2008
Conway Weston Hart
By Andrew Morris   |   August 2008   |   Vol 30 No 3

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Vol 30 No 2, May 2008
Vol 29 No 3, August 2007
The man in a blue jacket
By Andrew Morris   |   August 2007   |   Vol 29 No 3

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Vol 29 No 2, May 2007
Vol 29 No 2, May 2007
A Cutmear conundrum
By Andrew Morris   |   May 2007   |   Vol 29 No 2

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Vol 29 No 2, May 2007
Vol 28 No 3, August 2006
Bock's better half
By Andrew Morris   |   August 2006   |   Vol 28 No 3

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Vol 27 No 1, February 2005
Vol 26 No 2, May 2004
Vol 25 No 3, August 2003
Vol 23 No 4, November 2001
Vol 23 No 4, November 2001
The Adelaide Gold Pound
By Andrew Crellin   |   November 2001   |   Vol 23 No 4

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Vol 20 No 4, November 1998
President's report
By John Morris   |   November 1998   |   Vol 20 No 4

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Vol 19 No 3, August 1997
Vol 10 no 3, Aug 1988
Vol 10 no 1, Feb 1988
Vol 10 no 1, Feb 1988
Vol 5 no 3, Jul 1983
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