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Vol 45 no 3, Aug 2023
Wedgwood: Master Potter to the Universe
By Timothy Roberts   |   August 2023   |   Vol 45 no 3

Curator and historian Tim Roberts previews a new exhibition on the English ceramics firm Wedgwood, founded by Josiah Wedgwood in 1759, and linked with the British colonisation of Australia through its design and manufacture of the ‘Sydney Cove Medallions’ in 1789. These were made from Sydney clay sent...

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Vol 44 no 4, Nov 2022
Mary Jones: a Mysterious Artist in Queensland
By Timothy Roberts   |   November 2022   |   Vol 44 no 4

Brisbane painter and art teacher Mary E. Jones has escaped recognition for 130 years. She would not be alone in that fate: over time, many aspiring painters and their works disappear from history. Timothy Roberts reveals some details about Miss Jones’s career and her impact as a woman artist in Brisbane betwe...

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Vol 44 no 3, Aug 2022
President’s Update
By    |   August 2022   |   Vol 44 no 3

It is indeed pleasing to see members honoured for their services to the community. In the 2022 Queen’s Birthday Honours, Mrs Phyllis Murphy of Melbourne and Mr Alan Landis of Sydney were recognised with Member of the Order of Australia (AM) and Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) respectively. Both richly d...

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Vol 43 no 4, November 2021
Book reviews
By Claire Blakey & Nat Williams   |   November 2021   |   Vol 43 no 4

Petra ten-Doesschate Chu and Max Donnelly with Andrew Montana and Suzanne Veldink, Daniel Cottier: Designer, Decorator, Dealer.
Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, Yale University Press, New Haven CT 2021. Hard cover,
256 pp, 200 illustrations, Booktopia price $59 plus postage.

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Vol 43 no 2, May 2021
‘Angels in the Studio’ in Western Australia part 3: Passing through
By Dorothy Erickson   |   May 2021   |   Vol 43 no 2

Continuing our story of the women artists working in Western Australia before World War I, we will now turn to three ‘Angels’ who came, saw and conquered, but did not stay. They were all single, peripatetic, somewhat bohemian and left their mark in several societies. Marie Anne Tuck (1866–1947); Florence ...

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Vol 42 no 1, Feb 2020
Exploring early Queensland art
By Timothy Roberts   |   February 2020   |   Vol 42 no 1

The Harry Gentle Resource Centre, Griffith University has welcomed specialist in Australian art heritage, decorative arts and material culture to 1945 and contributor to Australiana Timothy Roberts as the centre’s 2019 Visiting Fellow. The centre was established by Griffith University in 2016 following a gene...

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Vol 41 no 1, Feb 2019
Portrait of an artist: rediscovering Rose Blakemore
By Timothy Roberts   |   February 2019   |   Vol 41 no 1

Recently rediscovered information pertaining to the life of Australian painter and art teacher Rose Blakemore has enriched our understanding of four portrait miniatures in the Queensland Art Gallery’s collection.

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Vol 40 no 2, May 2018
Australiana Society gift to Sydney Jewish Museum
By Alan Landis   |   May 2018   |   Vol 40 no 2

The Australiana Society committee recently voted to make financial grants of up to $5,000 to museums to acquire Australian-related material that they could not otherwise obtain. The Sydney Jewish Museum situated in Darlinghurst, Sydney and celebrating its 25th year in 2018, was the successful applicant for the ...

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Vol 40 no 2, May 2018
Banks: the inside story
By Robert La Nauze   |   May 2018   |   Vol 40 no 2

The design and manufacture of a writing desk for the Bank of New Zealand, Dunedin (1879–83). We are familiar with immigrants trained in Britain or Europe coming to Australia and continuing their craft, or with Australian artists travelling to Europe to learn and expand their skills and ideas. Rarely have we l...

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Vol 40 no 1, Feb 2018
Lewis John Godfrey in Australia
By Robert La Nauze   |   February 2018   |   Vol 40 no 1

Wood and stone carver Lewis John Godfrey contributed to the high end of the artistic spectrum displayed at the International and Intercolonial Exhibitions from the 1850s into the 20th century, and his stone carvings still grace many buildings in Dunedin, New Zealand. Immediately after finishing his London appre...

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Vol 39 no 3, Aug 2017
Robert Ferry Thwaites, a colonial landscape artist
By Robert La Nauze   |   August 2017   |   Vol 39 no 3

For a brief period in the late 1880s, Robert Ferry Thwaites (1833–1917) exhibited and sold paintings in Melbourne alongside such artists as Frederick McCubbin, Eugene von Guérard, Tom Roberts and Minnie Boyd. Thwaites had led an adventurous life before taking up painting in his fifties, but since his death h...

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Vol 37 no 4, Nov 2015
John Black Carmichael (1803-1857), artist and engraver
By Karen Eaton   |   November 2015   |   Vol 37 no 4

Edinburgh-born John Carmichael arrived in Sydney in 1825, living and working there for over 30 years producing landscapes, portraits, maps, billheads, musical scores, illustrations and some of Australia’s first postage stamps. His works provide a revealing and valuable record of life and times in colonial Syd...

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Vol 37 no 2, May 2015
Lady Bowen's Irish harp brooch - a missing piece of Queensland colonial jewellery
By Dianne Byrne   |   May 2015   |   Vol 37 no 2

The practice of presenting diplomatic gifts to dignitaries goes back to antiquity. As the much-admired wife of the governor of the colonies of Queensland, New Zealand and Victoria, Diamantina, Lady Bowen received some significant pieces of jewellery and metalwork. These gifts were frequently, and often fulsomel...

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Vol 37 no 2, May 2015
Wartime quilts
By Annette Gero   |   May 2015   |   Vol 37 no 2

World War I began 101 years ago. Galleries all around the world, including many in Australia, are having exhibitions with memories of this war. The Gallipoli campaign is particularly significant to Australians and New Zealanders this year, with the centenary on the first landing on 25 April 1915, and the withdr...

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Vol 36 no 3, August 2014
Book review: Kevin Power, 'John Campbell Pottery'
By Tim Cha   |   August 2014   |   Vol 36 no 3

Produced from its premises in Launceston, Tasmania, Campbell’s pottery products were shipped to shops and agents in Tasmania, mainland Australia, New Zealand and as far as India and the USA. Examples can be found regularly at antique shops and auction rooms throughout Australia. The vast majority of pieces av...

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Vol 36 no 1, February 2014
John Rider Roberts
By Michel Reymond   |   February 2014   |   Vol 36 no 1

Two years ago, we published a watercolour by John Rider Roberts that is especially important as a visual record of Robert Fowler’s industrial pottery, bottle and pipe works at Camperdown in Sydney’s inner west. As manufacturing in Australia is replaced by service industries, such manufacturing sites are bei...

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Vol 35 no 4, November 2013
Fit for a Queen: two Royal jubilee testimonies from colonial Queensland
By Timothy Roberts   |   November 2013   |   Vol 35 no 4

On 6 February 2012, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, the 60th anniversary of her accession. This milestone has afforded an examination of her life and reign, and has revived interest in the Royal Family at large, including Britain’s longest reigning monarch, Queen Victoria. Queensland – on...

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Vol 35 no 4, November 2013
Book review: Penny Olsen, 'Cayley & Son'
By Richard Neville   |   November 2013   |   Vol 35 no 4

The Neville Cayleys – father and son – are a curious case. Both were prolific, and are well represented in the market. The most recent iteration of the Australian Art Sales Digest (www. lists 605 works by Neville Henry Cayley and 572 works by Neville William Cayley sold at auction since the 197...

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Vol 35 no 3, August 2013
Vol 34 no 3, August 2012
Vol 33 no 2, May 2011
Vol 32 no 4, November 2010
Vol 32 no 1, February 2010
A fine proposal
By Timothy Roberts   |   February 2010   |   Vol 32 no 1

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Vol 31 no 3, August 2009
Vol 28 No 1, February 2006
Mr Petersen and Mr Blytt
By Alan Robb   |   February 2006   |   Vol 28 No 1

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Vol 27 No 1, February 2005
The lost Strasburg clock
By Alan J Robb   |   February 2005   |   Vol 27 No 1

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