Australiana magazine

Vol 41 no 4, Nov 2019

Dianne Byrne, 'The Tattersall's Club cups: Queensland racing history in gold and silver 1884-1888'

Gregory Hill, 'Australia's first art potters'

David Bedford & Jennifer Stuerzl, 'Forty years of collecting: a love affair with Australiana'

Gary Morgan, 'An unrecorded miniature by Ludwig Becker' 

Dorothy Erickson, 'Captain Molloy's table'

Lesley Garrett, 'Book review: Vanessa Finney, Transformations'

Jim Bertouch & George Lawrence, 'Australiana Society annual report 2018'

Cover: Thomas Matthew Alcock (Sydney, fl. 1873-1900), The Tattersall's Club Cup, 1886, 22 ct gold and silver, in the '√Čtruscan' style, detail. Collection: Tattersall's Club, Brisbane, photograph Andrew Yeo