Australiana magazine

Vol 41 no 1, Feb 2019

Timothy Roberts, 'Portrait of an artist: rediscovering Rose Blakemore'

Scott Carlin, 'Scrimshaw - art of the mariner: the Colin Thomas collection'

Philip Reid, 'A table for the Asylum, New Norfolk'

Judith McKay, 'Trust the women: women lead the way in preserving Queensland's heritage' 

Robyn Lake, 'Convict artist Frederick Strange ... the mystery deepens' 

John Wade, 'Tribute: John Houstone' 

Paul Gregson, 'How to use protein glues' 

Cover: William Duke (1814-53), Offshore Whaling with the Aladdin and Jane 1849. Oil on canvas, Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery AG2997, photograph by Simon Cuthbert (detail)