Book Review: Jewels on Queen, John Wade

Vol 37 no 1, February 2015
Article from Vol 37 no 1, February 2015

Book Review: Jewels on Queen, John Wade


In 1970, Anne Schofield opened the first shop in Australia dealing exclusively in antique jewellery (in Queen Street, Woollahra, hence the book title) and has been dealing from there ever since. She is well-known from her appearances at fairs and in the media, for her support foreword which introduces the reader to her grandfather the artist. The difficulty of reproducing watercolours on gloss paper has been well met by the un-named Chinese printer and bookbinder: on placing four of the original watercolours held by the New England Regional Art Museum side by side with their reproductions printed in this book, the colour match was good, especially where there had been no light damage to the originals. Stephen Marshall has searched far and wide in assembling Young’s oeuvre, noting that new works lain hidden over many of collecting institutions and for her book co-written with Kevin Fahy, Australian Jewellery.

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