Father Kelly's chair, Jodie Vandepeer

Vol 41 no 3, Aug 2019
Article from Vol 41 no 3, Aug 2019

Father Kelly's chair, Jodie Vandepeer


The November 2018 issue featured the carved furniture of a young woman, Alice Maud Golley (1884–1961) who lived an isolated life with her immediate family on remote Wedge Island in the Spencer Gulf of South Australia. Golley’s furniture is a virtuoso display of skill and grace, yet she was untrained. Among the objects that came to light during her research before publication, Jodie was unable to locate Father Kelly’s chair; tantalisingly, only a black and white photo existed. Then, without any knowledge of the article, the owner serendipitously contacted the Port Lincoln History Group and they were magically in touch within minutes. This magnificent chair turned out to be just 20 km from Jodie’s home in the Clare Valley and had a strong Clare Valley connection to boot.

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