Peter Harley: Queensland Folk Wood Carver, Glenn R Cooke

Vol 45 no 1, Feb 2023
Article from Vol 45 no 1, Feb 2023

Peter Harley: Queensland Folk Wood Carver, Glenn R Cooke


A quite remarkable amount of wood-carving was produced in Australia, in the framework of the Arts and Crafts movement, at the beginning of the 20th century which is, and remains, unidentified. If we don’t have a provenance we can look at stylistically similar works, such as Queensland’s Harvey School, to provide a context. The Ipswich folk-carver Peter Harley (c 1873-1941), however, produced distinctive work over a significant period and his profile began to emerge from obscurity after Glenn Cooke presented his ‘Merry Christmas‘ box to the Ipswich Art Gallery in 2005.

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