German wood carvers in Tasmania, John Wade

Vol 43 no 2, May 2021
Article from Vol 43 no 2, May 2021

German wood carvers in Tasmania, John Wade


In the 1930s, Henry McPherson, a former Clerk of the House of Assembly, told this story about William Peter Briggs, an employee of Whitesides, and the 1856 Governor’s (now President’s) Chair... This story is apocryphal. Though we normally think foremost of German immigration to South Australia, a German ship, Wilhelmsburg, did ‘sail up the Derwent’ in 1855, arriving at Hobart on 26 August with 476 German immigrants bound for Hobart and Sydney. Wilhelm Kirchner, the Prussian Consul in Sydney, was prominent in promoting German immigration to the Australian colonies, particularly Queensland. In May 1854, Kirchner purchased 500 blank bounty tickets from John Loch to bring emigrants from Hamburg to Tasmania. The Hobart firm of Stern, Baar & Franc also claimed to be able...

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