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Australiana Vol. 8 No. 1, February 1986

A Message from the President

Kevin Fahy

Society news

Society program 1986



Graeme Dodd & Kornelia Vidler

Rick Reynolds

Both about unattributed article ‘The Reynolds Sale Hobart’ in Australiana October 1985.


Australian medals

Leslie J. Carlisle

Origins and types of medals, in Australia hand-engraved from 1788, die-struck from 1850s, with descriptions of 9 medals dated 1772-1940 illustrating Australian history.

Inlaid furniture in Queensland Exhibitions

Glenn R. Cooke

In the Queensland National Agricultural and Industrial Association annual exhibitions 1876-1901.


Brief notices of 15 books.


Australiana Vol. 8 No. 2, May 1986

Editorial. Burying the facts

[John Wade]

Australian industrial archaeology.


Mrs M. A. Hamilton

About Meroogal, Nowra.

Society Information


The silverware of Stokes and Sons

Kenneth Cavill

Thomas Stokes, die-sinker and medallist, Melbourne, by 1856; with partner G. F. Martin as Stokes and Martin die-sinkers, medallists, electroplaters and gilders 1867-93; with son Harry as Stokes and Son 1893-6; with 3 sons as Stokes and Sons from 1896 (proprietary company from 1911), first major Australian silverware manufacturers; public company Stokes (Australasia) Ltd from 1962. Includes ‘Table of Marks on Silverware by Stokes and Sons’.

(letters about at 86:4:90 and 87:1:5)


Colonial militaria quest

Bob Nicholls seeks information on colonial volunteer military forces 1870-1901.

Quilt makers from our past. Two Australian quilt makers: Alicia Florinda Tye (1864-1959) and Mary Ann Bruton (1851-1930)

Annette Gero

Victoria-born Tye, an apprentice dressmaker before her 1880 marriage, as widow from 1930 made four quilts. Deloraine, Tasmania-born Bruton (née Holley), dressmaker, Bendigo district, c.1868-85, Swan Hill from 1885, made patchwork quilt 1887 that won first prize at Kerang District Agricultural Fair each year 1888-97.


Brief notices of six books.

From here and there

Compiled by Ian Rumsey

[News Items]

Up, up and away?

Warren Wickman

Prices paid for Australian Colonial and Impressionists painting during 1985.


Australiana Vol. 8 No. 3, August 1986

Society information

[includes ‘President’s report’ Kevin Fahy, ‘Secretary’s report’ Graham Cocks and ‘Financial statements for the year ended 30th June 1986’ Andrew Simpson]


Australian flora and fauna on Doulton

Louise Irvine

Reprinted from The Royal Doulton International Collectors Club Magazine Vol.4 No.4, Winter 1984

1878-1975, since kangaroo-decorated teaset by Hannah Barlow, perhaps related to Doulton Lambeth and Burslem studios’ preparation of displays for the 1879 Sydney International Exhibition and 1880 and Melbourne exhibitions. Doulton’s Australian agent (from 1892) John Shorter commissioned designs - following Doulton Burslem studio’s Louis Bilton’s flora-decorated vases, ewers and urns (from 1892) - including flora-decorated tableware from his daughter Lulu Shorter in 1908.

The Australian National Maritime Museum

John Wade

Outlines the museum’s themes and collections.

Australia’s garden heritage

Tim North

The Australian Garden History Society, formed 1980.

The Crown Corning Glass Collection at the Powerhouse Museum

Annette Keenan

Recently-acquired 900-piece c.1920-c.1980 collection of Crown Corning Ltd of glass (491 pieces), glassmaking equipment and mould order catalogues, illustrating the 1920s glass industry move into domestic ware when a number of NSW glass factories amalgamated as AGM (Australian Glass Manufacturers); AGM’s 14 subsidiaries reorganised 1939 as ACI (Australian Consolidated Industries).

The Brian Everard Easterbrook Collection of ceramics

Peter Mercer

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery was recently bequeathed the largely Tasmanian 6,500-piece Easterbrook Collection, made 1971-85, concentrating on the Launceston commercial potteries John Campbell & Sons and McHugh Bros.


Lionel Gilbert The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. A History 1816-1985, Oxford University Press, Melbourne

Hugh Fraser, The Federation House, Lansdowne Press, Sydney

Gael Hammer, Phillip Blashki - A Victorian Patriarch, P. Blashki & Sons Ltd, Sydney

The Bligh Notebook, National Library of Australia, Canberra, 2 volumes



Australiana Vol. 8 No.4, November 1986


Brian Eggleton

About Kenneth Cavill ‘The Silverware of Stokes and Sons’ at 86:2:37

(letter about at 87:1:5)

The Hahndorfer Kranken-Verein Cup and the China Trade

Brian Eggleton. Reply by Dick Phillips

About article by Dick Phillips on the Hahndorfer Kranken-Verein Cup at 84:4.

Cup with marks of Adelaide silversmith Henry Steiner presented 1869 to the Secretary of the Hahndorfer Kranken-Verein. Mr Eggleton suggests, on points of form, that retailer Steiner imported or copied a cup manufactured by Cutshing of Canton, China; Mr Phillips doubts Mr Eggleston’s points.

Harold Parker: the forgotten sculptor

Judith McKay

England-born Parker (1873-1962) trained at Brisbane Technical School 1889-c.1893 and City and Guilds of London Technical Art School 1896-c.1902. Decorative woodcarver in Sydney 1893-4; figurative sculptor in London 1903-1930; sculptor and painter in Australia 1930-37+.


The Jewellery and Silverware of G. & E. Rodd, and its Successors

Kenneth Cavill

Brothers George and Ernest Rodd as G. & E. Rodd, manufacturing jewellers, Melbourne, from 1919; by late 1930s largest manufacturing jewellers in Australia. From early 1930s manufactured silver and EPNS tableware. Acquired badge- & medallists A. H. Wittenbach & Co 1933, flatware manufacturers Platers Pty Ltd 1949. Became Pty Ltd company 1949 and merged 1961 with flatware manufacturers Myttons Ltd (established 1923). Myttons Ltd recently sold jewellery manufacturing operations to Rover Holdings. Includes table of ‘Marks on jewellery and silverware manufactured by G. & E. Rodd and its successors’.

Arnold 176: The Vancouver Chronometer

Robin Inglis

Early chronometers, or marine watches, including John Arnold’s Number 176 (probably 1787), ordered 1791 by Britain’s Board of Longitude for George Vancouver’s 1792 expedition to map the west coast of North America, in 1801-2 assigned to Matthew Flinders on his Australian voyage, in 1805-12 used by William Bligh when Governor of NSW. The most historically significant English chronometer offered at auction this century, it was acquired from Christie’s London in 1981 by the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

From Here & There

Compiled by Ian Rumsey

[News Items]

Art and Utility - Ceramics in South Australia 1839-1986

(Wakefield Press, Adelaide Overview of his book Ceramics in South Australia: 1839-1986 From Folk to Studio Pottery (Wakefield Press, Adelaide, September 1986) on ceramic objects from bricks to studio art pottery.

Book Reviews

Richard Phillips

Geoff Ford 19th Century South Australian Pottery (Salt Glaze Press, Adelaide, 1985)

Tory Roe

Alison Carroll Barbara Hanrahan (Wakefield Press, Adelaide)

[& 6 unattributed brief book notices]


Australiana Vol. 9 No. 1, February 1987


John Wade

Letter to the Editor

Ken Cavill

About letter by Brian Eggleton at 86:4:90 about Kenneth Cavill ‘The Silverware of Stokes and Sons’ at 86:2:37.


Kevin Fahy

Phyllis Binns, antique dealer, Sydney, 1950s-1972.

An Australian Chesterfield

Christina Simpson

Late 1860s silky-oak Chesterfield settee by Andrew Lenehan (c.1815-86), furniture manufacturer in Sydney 1835-70, probably commissioned by Sydney industrialist Thomas Sutcliffe Mort (1816-78) of Greenoaks, Darling Point.

The Jewellery and Silverware of G. & E. Rodd, and its successors

Kenneth Cavill

Reprints article of same name at 86:4:103, with addition at its end of 3½ paragraphs and the footnote references.

Charles Jones, convict silversmith of Van Diemen’s Land

B.Y. O’Driscoll

Reprinted from Art Bulletin of Tasmania 1986.

Jones (d.1864), arrived Hobart Town 1833, assigned to David Barclay, watchmaker, Hobart Town, 1833. Jeweller 1839-41 (with watchmaker William Cole as Jones & Cole 1840-1); actor 1842 and jeweller 1843 in Sydney; actor (perhaps touring) 1843-8, theatre administrator 1850+ and manufacturing silversmith and jeweller 1843-57 in Hobart Town; theatre administrator in Sydney 1858-64. 40 known silver objects described by contemporaries: 1 silver cup (presented 1850), 2 silver (presented 1848 & 1850) and 1 gold (c.1850) snuff box have been identified to survive.

[Society News]

Annual Dinner

Society Auction

Australiana News

The Arts and Crafts Movement in Australia - a Report

Glenn R. Cooke

Reports the four speakers at the session on the (late 19th-early 20th century) Arts and Crafts Movement in Australia at the Art Association of Australia conference, Melbourne University, 16-19 May 1986.

Access to Australian Photographs

The Australian Photographic Access Network (APAN), Sydney, formed 1985 by NSW Government institutions’ photographic collection curators.

Greeks in Australia

[Hugh Gilchrist]

Brief overview 1829-1900.

Beautiful and useful: The Arts and Crafts Movement in Tasmania

Exhibition at Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston, 5 February-22 March 1987.

Australiana Vol. 9 No. 2, May 1987

An Introduction to Buying Australian Antique Furniture

David Bedford

Nine matters to be considered in determining whether furniture is antique or fake.

The Bridge Street Explosion of 1866

A. Wayne Johnson

Glass plate negative in Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney, of aftermath of 4 March 1866 explosion destroying the premises of Molison and Black, 17-19 Bridge Street, Sydney, used to store goods. Board of Inquiry found the cause was the spontaneous explosion of 100lb nitroglycerine sample, imported from Hamburg 19 February 1866.

Robert Jones and the Cross Marsh Show

R.A. Phillips

Cross Marsh Agricultural Association, Van Diemen’s Land, established 1827, held shows and awarded cups and medals from 1833. Notes medals awarded 1836 and 1838 to Robert Jones, Pleasant Place, for best sack of wheat and best heifer.

Western Australian Crafts 1890-1990. A Survey. Search for Information. [Advertisement]

By Art Gallery of Western Australia, for exhibition and publication.

Who was H.R. Nicholls?

Ian Rumsey

London-born Henry Richard Nicholls (1830-1912) arrived Melbourne 1853, journalist, editor and newspaper owner in Victoria 1853-83 and editor of Hobart Mercury, Tasmania, 1883-1911, critic of unionism and government industrial participation.

From Here and There

Compiled by Ian Rumsey

[News Items]

Society News

Australiana News


Australiana Vol. 9 No. 3, August 1987

President’s Report

Kevin Fahy

Society Information

The Australiana Society Incorporated. Financial Statements of Receipts and Expenditure for the year ended 30th June 1987

Ian Rumsey

Australian Scrimshaw

Janet West

Inscribed line decoration by or reflecting whalers, most commonly on whale teeth or whalebone. Author examined nearly 900 scrimshaw pieces in Australia: 574 apparently 19th century, most 1830-70. Describes sources, materials and inscriptions of 19th century scrimshaw in Australia.

Some Notes on House and Ship Building in Van Diemen’s Land

Milford McArthur

Anstruther House, Hobart Town, 1847, built by John Eason (c.1799-1853), shipbuilder 1840-4 North West Bay and 1846 Macquarie Harbour.

Lithgow and Adelaide: The Holford Connection

Noris Ioannou

Staffordshire-born William Holford (1841-1914), important pottery mould-maker and designer, worked at: Milton Steam Pottery Works, New Zealand, 1874-6; his own pottery in Melbourne 1876-81; (with his son Thomas (c.1866-1938)) Lithgow Pottery, Lithgow, NSW, 1882-3; his own pottery in Sydney 1883-8; Trewenack’s pottery, Adelaide, SA, 1887-8; and his own pottery in Adelaide 1889-1912 variously named The London Pottery Works, The Adelaide Pottery Company, The London Pottery Company, The Federal Pottery Company and The Federal Brick, Tile and Pottery Company. After its 1912 closure, Thomas worked at J. Koster’s Premier Pottery, Adelaide, and then as mould-maker at the Bennett Magill Pottery to 1938.

‘…SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE OF YOUR GRATITUDE…’ A silver and gold presentation inkstand by William Edwards, Melbourne, in 1865

Christopher Thompson

London-born Edwards, arrived Melbourne 1857, silverware importer and manufacturer, Melbourne, 1857-1868+. Possibly employed 1861 for goldwork Anton Eick(e), arrived NSW 1851, watchmaker and jeweller, Melbourne, 1854-95. A neo-classical gold-mounted silver inkstand by Edwards, retailed by jewellers Kirkpatrick & Co (1853+), presented 1865 by Melbourne biscuit manufacturer (from 1859) Thomas Bibby Guest (d.1908) to Manchester merchant John Todd (d.1875), was recently acquired by Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney.


Australiana Vol. 9 No. 4, November 1987

Society Notices

A new meeting place for 1988

Glover Cottages, 124 Kent Street Sydney

Glover Cottages

Thomas Glover, arrived 1812, stonemason, on his 70 acre land grant built cottages 1820-3, a pair of which survive, the first attached houses in NSW. Recently restored and additional premises constructed by NSW Department of Public Works, leased to 2030 by the Australian Institute of International Affairs, NSW branch.

Charlie Jones gives an encore

S. O’Driscoll

Charles Jones (d.1864), transported to Hobart Town c.1832, actor in Hobart Town 1839-41 & 1844-58 and actor 1841-3 and theatre treasurer in Sydney 1858-64, was also silversmith 1839-41 and goldsmith c.1848 in Hobart Town and jeweller in Sydney 1843.

Money boxes in Australia

George D. Dean

Imported from 1909, notably copies of the 1882 Jolly ‘Blackfellow’ mechanical bank. Author (an argyrothecologist) has collected 350 Australian money boxes.

Alexander Dick - silversmith

Kevin Fahy

Reprinted from Descent (Society of Australian Genealogists), Vol.6 Part 2, June 1973.

Edinburgh-born Dick (1791 or c.1800-1843), arrived Sydney 1824, silver and gold smith, brassfounder and plater in Sydney from 1826, convicted 1829 for receiving stolen spoons of Colonial Secretary and imprisoned on Norfolk Island 1829-34, gold and silversmith in Sydney 1834-42. Most prolific identifiable early Australian silversmith.

The Caarnarvon Ceramic College

Glenn R. Cooke

Yorkshire-born Arthur Hustwit (1900-60) established the Caarnarvon Pottery, Brisbane, c.1945, and ran ceramic classes 1948-60.

American Gallery for Maritime Museum

John Wade

A $5 million US National Gift for Australia’s Bicentenary for the development of an American Gallery at Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney, on maritime contact between Australia and USA: sailors since 1770, ships since 1792.



‘The Coming of the Strangers’ Life in Australia 1788-1822 [Galleries, State Library of NSW, Sydney, from January 1988]

Pictorial History of the New South Wales Railways [State Rail Authority of NSW seeks contributions for book]

Fred Williams: A Retrospective [Australian National Gallery, Canberra, 31 October 1987-31 January 1988]


Book Review

John Wade

Susan Bures The House of Wunderlich (Kangaroo Press, Sydney, 1987)


Australiana Vol. 10 No. 1, February 1988

1788 - Sale Room. A faker’s paradise

Terry Ingram

London auctions 1788, 1888 and today.

Andrew Lenehan - Sydney cabinetmaker

Kevin Fahy

Sligo-born Lenehan (c.1815-86) arrived Sydney 1835, cabinetmaker, upholsterer and undertaker in Sydney 1835-c.1873. Acquired 1841 cabinetmaking business of James Templeton. Furniture manufacturer, importer and retailer, in partnership with J.G. Raphael and Edward Flood as Lenehan & Co 1867-8. Furnished Government House, Sydney, 1857.

The jewellery of Willis and Sons of Melbourne

Kenneth Cavill

Richard and Thomas Willis, jewellery importers and wholesalers in Melbourne from 1858; R. & T. Willis, jewellery manufacturers, by 1868; T. Willis & Co 1876; Willis & Sons Pty Ltd 1904, leading Australian gold jewellery manufacturer 1910s-1920s, closed manufactory 1931, subsequently (to date) wholesale jewellers, manufacturers’ agents and importers.

Achille Simonetti, sculptor

Daina Fletcher

Rome-born Achille Simonetti (1838-1900), arrived Brisbane 1871, to Sydney 1874, instructor in sculpture and design at NSW Academy of Art 1875-1880? Significant public sculpture commissions 1879-97 from Sir Henry Parkes, NSW Premier.

The Prize Medal and the Hindmarsh Pottery

Noris Ioannou

Brothers George (d.1872) & William (d.1917) Shearing’s Hindmarsh Pottery, Adelaide, brick, tile, terracotta and pottery-works (salt-glazed stoneware domestic and industrial containers, originally produced by Staffordshire-trained potters Thomas (d.1873) and George Bosley: 70 marked examples are documented today) 1866-1910, drain-pipe works 1910-c.1970. An 1888 Centennial International Exhibition, Melbourne, bronze medal to ‘G. and W. Shearing’ for terracotta products survives in Adelaide. Hindmarsh Pottery- trained Robert Bosley (junior) (d.1944), ran art pottery Bosleyware, Adelaide, 1933-44.

Book Reviews

Christina Simpson

Noris Ioannou Ceramics in South Australia 1836-1986. From Folk to Studio Pottery (Wakefield Press, Adelaide)

Kevin Fahy

Clifford Craig Notes on Tasmaniana (Foot & Playsted, Launceston, 1987)

Clive Wainwright

Kevin Fahy, Christina Simpson & Andrew Simpson Nineteenth Century Australian Furniture (David Ell Press, Sydney, 1985)


George Dean Handbook on E. W. Cole, his Arcade, Tokens and Medals (The Author, Tarragindi, Qld)


Australiana Vol. 10 No. 2, June 1988

Society News

Letter from the President

Kevin Fahy

The Folklore of the Australian Wagga

Annette Gero

Late 19th century to 1950s Australian quilts, including the ‘wagga’, a patterned cotton sack filled with stuffing, its name probably derived from the fine quality Wagga Lily flour sacks ideal for stuffing.

The Hunts’ [sic] - Sydney cabinetmakers

Kevin Fahy

London-born Edward Hunt (1792-1866) arrived Sydney 1814, cabinetmaker (and initially undertaker) in Sydney 1819-39+, passed business Hunt & Co to his son-in-law Charles North Hunt (1818-63), furniture manufacturer, importer and retailer, by 1846.

(letter about at 89:2:64)

Desirable Disabled Potters On

Marjorie Graham

The Disabled Soldiers’ Pottery, Sydney, 1921-26.

A brief history and chronology of the Hood Family and their picture frames

Milford McArthur

Robin Vaughan Hood (c.1802-88) arrived Hobart Town 1833, Hobart Town carver, gilder and bookseller to 1851. 4 sons followed in similar trades, notably Robin Lloyd Hood (1828-1916), who took over R.V. Hood’s business in 1851.


Australian History through the eyes of Decorative Arts [Australian Decorative Arts 1788-1988 at Australian National Gallery, Canberra, 5 November 1988-5 February 1989]

Exhibitions in Britain during 1988 to celebrate Australia’s Bicentenary

Shades of Light: Photography and Australia 1839-1988 [at Australian National Gallery, Canberra, to 22 May 1988]

Book Review

Kevin Fahy

John Buttsworth Australian Colonial Furniture - A Guidebook (Colonial Living Press, Sydney, 1987)


Australiana Vol. 10 No. 3, August 1988

President’s Report

Kevin Fahy

Secretary’s Report

Graham Cocks

A Plea from the Honorary Treasurer

Ken Cavill

To pay subscriptions promptly.

The Australiana Society Incorporated. Financial Statements of receipts and expenditure for the year ended 30th June, 1988

G. W. K. Cavill

Letters to the Editor

Juliet G. Cook

Incorporating article ‘Original Finishes – to keep or not to keep?’

John T. Reilly

‘Society Journal’

November excursion

Society Canberra day trip planned for 13 November.

Australiana Society member appointed Historic Houses Trustee

Ian Evans, author of 8 books, appointed a trustee of the Historic Houses Trust of NSW.

Christmas Party 1988

The silverware of Angus and Coote, Sutton Electroplate Company, and Perfection Plate

Kenneth Cavill

Watchmaker William Angus (d.1902) and jeweller Edmund J. Coote took over Josiah Mason and Company, jewellers, Sydney, in 1895 and formed Angus and Coote. Originally retail jewellers, were manufacturing by 1905. Acquired Sutton Electroplate Company early 1920s to produce domestic and hotel trade EPNS silverware, and Perfection Plate 1960. Includes silverware marks of the 3 companies.

Notes on A MESSAGE TO THE TASMANIAN ABORIGINES IN 1829, popularly called ‘Governor Davey’s Proclamation to the Aborigines, 1816’

John Morris

Lithograph issued by Tasmanian Surveyor General’s Office and displayed at Intercolonial Exhibition, Melbourne, 1866, misidentifies (on advice of Clerk of the House of Assembly H. M. Hull) 1829 signboards illustrating proclamations of codes of conduct by George Arthur, Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen’s Land, based on illustrations by Surveyor General George Frankland. At least 3 genuine signboards survive. Author has reproduced 1866 lithograph in edition of 500.

An introduction to collecting early Australian photography

Josef Lebovic

Criteria for forming a collection of 1840-1900 Australian photographs.

Book reviews

The Skottowe Manuscript. A facsimile edition of the original manuscript in the Mitchell Library, Sydney

(David Ell Press & Hordern House, Sydney, 2 vols, 1988)


Australiana Vol. 10 No. 4, November 1988

1989 Programme

Nineteenth century silver and goldsmiths (jewellers) of Western Australia - an introduction

Dorothy Erickson

Historical overview of colony of Western Australia 1829-1901. Includes list of ‘Goldsmiths and Associated Artisans Working in Western Australia 1829-1900’ and ‘Some marks ascribed to WA Jewellers prior to 1900’.

(Corrigenda of at 89:1:31)

Australian folk art

Linda Young

Folk art and folklore definitions in art history and craft.

(letter about at 89:1:31)

Another side to Conrad Martens

Brian Eggleton

Designer, communion plate and lectern donor and sculptor of sandstone font (1845) of St Thomas’ Church, North Sydney (built 1843-6, replaced 1884).

J.A. Clarke’s ‘grand picture’ of Brisbane

Judith McKay

Joseph Augustus Clarke (1840-90)’s oil painting Panorama of Brisbane 1880.

(Corrigenda of at 89:1:31)

Schulim Krimper cabinet-maker [Review of book by Terence Lane (Gryphon Press, Melbourne, 1987)]

Kevin Fahy


Australiana Vol. 11 No. 1, February 1989

The Australiana Society. 1989 programme

Nineteenth century silver and goldsmiths (jewellers) of Western Australia - Swan River Colony. The first smiths

Dorothy Erickson

Notably John Gresswell, arrived 1831, first Perth goldsmith and assayer 1841-c.1870; Frederic Glaskin, arrived 1849, Perth goldsmith from 1853; Henry Seeligson, transported 1864, Perth jeweller 1870; Frederick Mason or May (d.1921), transported 1864, Fremantle manufacturing jeweller from 1872; London-born Alfred Jackson (1842-1912), transported 1866, jeweller, at Geraldton c.1884-7, Albany c.1887-1912. Thomas Habgood - who made a silver cup in Hatton Garden, England, presented 1833 by the Settlers at Swan River to Captain James Stirling R. N., first WA Governor - lived in WA 1842-59 but is not known to have made any work there.

Australiana. The first ten years. Indices to Volumes 1-10

Index to Volume 1-5 by Meredith Hutton (Reprinted from 84:1:22) [1979-1983]

Index to Volumes 6-10 by John Houstone [1984-1988]

A history of music in Australia. Early Period - New South Wales 1788-1817

James Lincoln Hall

From Sirius surgeon George Worgan’s piano-forte 1788. Sydney theatre from 1789, military bands, musicians at private functions from 1810, church bells from 1807, music instrument advertisements 1815-7.

Society News

Letter from the President

Kevin Fahy

[Society News.]

Letters to the Editor

Paul Gregson

About letter by Juliet Cook incorporating article ‘Original Finishes – to keep or not to keep?’ at 88:3:70.

Jane M. Hyden

About Linda Young ‘Australian Folk Art’ at 88:4:107

Editor’s Response [Kevin Fahy]

About letter by Jane M. Hyden.


To Dorothy Erickson ‘Nineteenth century silver and goldsmiths (jewellers) of Western Australia - an introduction’ at 88:4:97

To Judith McKay ‘J. A. Clarke’s ‘grand picture’ of Brisbane’ at 88:4:119

New Publications


Compiled by R. J. Byatt, L. J. Carlisle & W. J. Mira The Amor Centenary 1888-1988 (Metropolitan Coin Club of Sydney in association with Amor-Sanders Pty Ltd)

Kevin Fahy

Richard Reid The Heritage Trail (Irish Tourist Board in Australia, 1986)

Kevin Fahy

Lindsay Broughton, George Burrows & Elizabeth Lada A Place for Art - A century of Art, Craft, Design and Industrial Arts Education in Hobart (University of Tasmania, Hobart, 1988)

Kevin Fahy

Toby & Juliana Hooper Australian Country Furniture (Viking O’Neil, Ringwood, 1988)

Exhibitions. Shipwreck - Discoveries from our earliest shipwrecks 1622-1797

Queensland Museum, Brisbane, 26 January-27 March 1989.

Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney.


Australiana Vol. 11 No 2, June 1989

The Australiana Society. 1989 programme

The Roberts’ [sic] Presentation - 1879

Kevin Fahy

Sterling silver centrepiece or epergne by Sydney jeweller William Kerr (c.1839-1896) presented 1879 by the Mayor of Sydney 1879- Charles James Roberts to the Australian Jockey Club as the Mayor’s Cup, won by George Fagan’s mare Mabel.

Nineteenth century silver and goldsmiths (jewellers) of Western Australia - Pearls and progress - the emigrants

Dorothy Erickson

Before self-determination in 1890, notable jewellers were Anthony Fouchard, arrived c.1873, watchmaker, gold and silversmith; Russia-born Joseph Masel, arrived 1887, retailer and diamond dealer; Charles Henry May, wholesale jeweller; South Australian Frederick Wheeler; South Australian Vincent Edward Nesbit, arrived 1883, manufacturing jeweller from 1886; and William Hooper, arrived c.1882.

A history of music in Australia. Early period - New South Wales 1818-1826

James Lincoln Hall

Sydney’s first music teachers from 1818, first music shop 1824, musical concerts April 1822-October 1826, including first public concerts June-December 1826. Notes first Hobart public concert September 1826.

English ceramics with an Australian association

Alan Landis

Royal Worcester c.1869-1940, notably Australian Flora and Fauna series 1912-late 1920s, Doulton 1879-1930s, Wedgwood, 24 smaller English factories and Alloa Pottery, Scotland.

Society News

Letter from the President

Kevin Fahy

Australiana Society member wins Australian Heritage Award

Ian Evans joint winner of publications section of 1989 Australian Heritage Award, for his book Caring for Old Houses (The Flannel Flower Press)

[Society News.]

Letters to the Editor

Bruce McLeod

About letter by Paul Gregson at 89:1:30.

Pamela G. Suttor

About Kevin Fahy ‘The Hunts’ [sic] - Sydney Cabinetmakers’ at 88:2:47

New publications

General Muster & Land & Stock Muster of New South Wales - 1822 (AGBR)

F. W. Nicholas and J. M. Nicholas Charles Darwin in Australia (Cambridge UP)


Photography’s 150th birthday

Australian National Gallery, Canberra, to show international exhibition ‘The Art of Photography 1839-1989’ 17 June-27 August 1989.


Australiana Vol. 11 No. 3, August 1989

The Australiana Society Incorporated. Financial Statements of receipts and expenditure for the year ended 30th June, 1989

G.W.K. Cavill

President’s report

Kevin Fahy

Secretary’s report

Graham Cocks

Treasurer’s report

Ken Cavill

Nineteenth century silversmiths and goldsmiths (jewellers) of Western Australia

Dorothy Erickson

The goldmining rush from c.1892 brought 100 new goldsmiths to Western Australia by 1901, five times more than all goldsmiths since the colony’s foundation. Noted for commemorative bar brooches incorporating mining equipment; best known by George Richard Addis (d.1937) of Kalgoorlie; also Joseph Pearl, wholesale and retail jeweller Coolgardie and Perth c.1889-1910; Louis Boxhorn; Piaggio and Co, Perth 1892-4, Piaggio and McKinlay 1894-8; John Dove Caris and Stanley Caris; the Jerger family; and Bernot Lindell.

Dorothy Erickson

A biographical note.

Kozminsky Bicentennial exhibition Australian silver, gold and jewellery - Melbourne 1988

R.A. Phillips

Describes some Exhibition items. Summarises similar exhibitions since 1973.

(letter about at 89:4:114)

A history of music in Australia. Early period - New South Wales 1827-1833

James Lincoln Hall

Musical concerts April 1828-November 1835, notably at Barnett Levey’s Royal Hotel Assembly Rooms 1829 and his Theatre Royal 1833.

Letters to the Editor

Juliet Cook

About letters by Paul Gregson at 89:1:30 and by Bruce McLeod at 89:2:64 about her letter incorporating article ‘Original Finishes - to keep or not to keep?’ at 88:3:70.

Paul Gregson

About letter by Bruce McLeod at 89:2:64 about letter by Paul Gregson at 89:1:30.

New publications

Marion Fletcher with the assistance of Leigh Purdy Needlework in Australia: A History of the Development of Embroidery (Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1989)

Douglas Oliver Return to Tahiti. Bligh’s Second Breadfruit Voyage (University of Hawaii Press)

(Ed.) Sophie C. Ducker The Contented Botanist. Letters of W. H. Harvey about Australia and the Pacific


Australiana Vol. 11 No. 4, November 1989

The Australiana Society. Society programme

[and at beginning of every subsequent issue]

Colonialism and colonial sculpture. The marble bust of Commodore J.G. Goodenough and the Art Gallery of New South Wales

Daina Fletcher

New South Wales Academy of Art’s 1877 sponsorship and acquisition of a neo-classical marble bust by Sydney sculptor Achille Simonetti of James Grahame Goodenough RN (d.1875), Commodore of the Australia Station.

Australian silver and silversmiths 1788-1815 - An approach

Jolyon Warwick James

Paper read to Silver Society of Australia 2 May 1988

Lacking inspired design or technical achievement, Australian silver’s merit lies in its light on social history: its historical associations and adaptation to circumstances. Calls for spectrographic analysis of metal used, and collection of details of silversmiths and silver items. Includes a classification model and an alphabetical list of Australian silversmiths and allied trades (jewellers, engravers, goldsmiths, a whitesmith, a bucklemaker, a cutler, watchmakers and clockmakers) 1788-1825.

Letters to the Editor

B. D. Eggleton

About R. A. Phillips ‘Kozminsky Bicentennial Exhibition Australian Silver, Gold and Jewellery - Melbourne 1988’ at 89:3:83

Concentrating on concrete

Marjorie Graham

Australian concrete indoor and garden ornaments 1876-1950s, particularly 1920s-1930s.

(letters about at 90:1:8, 90:2:43)

Appeal for information

Rosie Nice & Jacqueline Herald

Information and items for loan for exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum in early 1990 on history of the headsquare scarf in Australia.

A history of music in Australia. Early period - New South Wales, 1834-June, 1835

James Lincoln Hall

Sydney Gazette musical notices April 1834-June 1835.


Australiana Vol. 12 No. 1, February 1990

Letter from the President

Mike Darlow

About Society’s tenth Australia Day dinner 26 January 1990.

Notice from the Editor

[Kevin Fahy]

For sale

Reprints of the Kozminsky Bicentennial Exhibition of Australian Silver Gold and Jewellery Catalogue.


‘Identifying and Dating 20th Century Furniture, Furnishings and Ceramics’ at Royal Australian Historical Society, Sydney, 17 March 1990

An early Tasmanian silver trophy returns home

Peter Mercer

Tasmanian Museum and Art Galley recently acquired silver presentation cup or goblet attributed to convict silversmith Joseph Forrester (assignee of Hobart watchmaker David Barclay) awarded 1836 by Van Diemen’s Land Southern Agricultural Association for Best Cart Mare First Class to Solomon and Josiah Austin.

Letter to the Editor

Bruce McLeod

About Marjorie Graham ‘Concentrating on Concrete’ at 89:4:115.

(letter about this letter at 90:2:43)

Pottery items wanted

Signed studio, unusual commercial or Newcastle-Maitland provenance.

Fitzroy Terrace. 6-18 Pitt Street, Redfern, NSW

Kevin Fahy

History and description of surviving 1846 terrace Fitzroy Crescent built apparently by architect James Hume, for John Alexander, an agent for the Redfern Estate, land granted 1794 and subdivided 1834-42.

Wedgwood portrait medallions with an Australian association

Alan Landis

Lists people commemorated by an Australian place name of whom medallions made, including those among the 233 ‘Heads of Illustrious Moderns’ produced by Josiah Wedgwood 1773-88; plus that made in 1947 of Australian-born aviator Sir Ross Smith (1892-1922).

Australian colonial handcrafted medals. Fascinating specimens of numismatic improvisation

John M. Chapman

Origins and types of handcrafted medals, with descriptions of 30 medals in author’s collection, dated 1788-1893, from most colonies, mostly late 19th century from Victoria.

A history of music in Australia. Early period - New South Wales 1835-1836

James Lincoln Hall

Sydney Gazette musical notices November 1835-September 1836.


Australiana Vol. 12 No. 2, May 1990

Public collecting and private collecting. Address on the occasion of the tenth Australia Day Dinner of the Australiana Society, 26 January, 1990

John Wade

The developments in collecting Australiana during the Society’s 12-year existence, by public and private collectors, in Australia and the USA, as seen by a public institutions curator, with the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences 1975-86, and the team establishing the Australian National Maritime Museum since 1986.

(letter about at 91:2:49)

What price originality?

Mike Darlow

Surveys originality, particularly in woodwork, to distinguish forgery, plagiarism, reproduction and inspiration from others’ work.


[Marjorie Graham]

Reply by article author to 90:1:8 letter about Marjorie Graham ‘Concentrating on Concrete’ at 89:4:115.

Larmer’s Homoeopathic Dispensary

Margaret Carlisle

An 1870s cedar Domestic Medicine Chest of 24 corked bottles from ‘Homœopathic Dispensary’ of Surrey-born William Larmer (c.1817-88), Sydney chemist and druggist c.1863-c.1883, President of the Pharmaceutical Society 1885.

Potteries of 19th Century Hobart

Peter Mercer

Hobart earthenware potteries of Potters’ Hill, Kangaroo Flat, New Town, 1816-90, notably the commercial pottery c.1830-68 established by Burslem, Staffordshire-born James Sherwin (1790-1854), and the studio pottery of Alexander Worbey c.1881-c.1890. Also covers ornamental potter Charles Tibbs’ Goulburn Street Pottery 1848-c.1850.

Research request

Diana Dunbar

From Curator of Fine Art, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania, for information for exhibition on convict artist Thomas Bock, including early music in Hobart and composer Vincent Wallace.

Mrs Macquarie’s piano. John George Lang (1816-1864)

Extract from John George Lang’s novel Botany Bay; or True Tales of Australia (1857).


Australiana Vol.12 No.3, August 1990

The Australiana Society Incorporated. Financial statements of receipts and expenditure for the year ended 30th June 1990

G.W.K. Cavill

The President’s report

Mike Darlow

Secretary’s report

Graham Cocks

Treasurer’s report

Ken Cavill

Printmaking in Sydney 1800-1850

Richard Neville

While early print methods limited the market to the wealthy, skilled immigrants and improved technologies imported from 1825 led to prolific printmaking in the 1830s and 1840s. An extensive survey by the Curator, Pictures Research, Mitchell Library, Sydney.

Book review

Kenneth Cavill

J. B. Hawkins Nineteenth Century Australian Silver (Antique Collectors’ Club Ltd, Suffolk, 1990)

S. H. Ervin Gallery. Painted ships, painted oceans

First exhibition of paintings and lithographs of new Australian National Maritime Museum collection 14 September-14 October 1990.

The jewellery of Aronson and Company, Melbourne

Kenneth Cavill

David Rosenthal, wholesale jeweller and importer, Melbourne, 1860s-1870s, with Saul Philip Aronson (c.1844-1931) as David Rosenthal & Co 1874-78, with addition of brother George Alfred Aronson as Rosenthal, Aronson & Co, Melbourne general merchants and manufacturing jewellers 1878-1900, London (Saul) c.1878-1915, Brisbane 1887-93 and Perth 1897-1905. Third brother Frederick Aronson partner in wholesale jewellers, Sydney, as Lazarus & Aronson 1884-86, Lazarus, Aronson & Co 1886-99, F. Aronson & Co, from 1899. Incorporated as Aronson & Co Pty Ltd, Melbourne, a major manufacturing jeweller and importer 1902-30, in London (Saul) 1916-c.31 and in Sydney as wholesaler and exporter to 1947.


Australiana Vol. 12 No. 4, November 1990

Queensland manufacturing and working jewellers 1850-1900

Graham Cocks and Jack Grace

Benjamin Law, sculptor

N.J.B. Plomley

Collection of French naturalist Pierre Marie Alexandre Dumoutier, made on 1837-40 expedition of Jules Sebastian Dumont D’Urville, in Musée de l’Homme, Paris, includes seven busts of Tasmanian Aborigines obtained in Hobart in December 1839 or February 1840, two of the busts copies of works of Sheffield-born sculptor Benjamin Law (c.1806-1882); arrived Tasmania 1835. The author suggests the busts were made between August 1834 and 1 October 1835, when G.A. Robinson’s ‘friendly natives’ were in Hobart, by a competent sculptor, perhaps Law.

The Subiaco library table. Justice to the finish

Paul Gregson

Cedar table c.1840, with unique faux or grained finish simulating rosewood, once in Subiaco library, sold at auction of Benedictine Abbey, Pennant Hills, Sydney, in 1988.

Thomas Dawson, Sydney clock maker

R.A. Crosbie

Dawson, chronometer, watch and clockmaker, Sydney, c.1843-57.

A small imitation of a larger reality: Francis Low, model maker, and the original Government House of Van Diemen’s Land

Peter Mercer

Tasmanian Museum and Art Galley recently acquired only known surviving example of work of Scotland-born Francis Low, arrived in Sydney, to Van Diemen’s Land mid-1830s, maker of models of buildings, Hobart Town, 1837-40. It is a 1/120 scale model of Government House, Hobart, made 1837 for Jane Franklin, wife of Van Diemen’s Land Governor (1837-43) Sir John Franklin.


Australiana Vol. 13 No. 1, February 1991

Rhoda Wager

Deborah Cocks

The designs of Middlesex-born Wager (1875-1953), jeweller in Glasgow c.1903-13, Fiji 1913-6, Sydney 1916-46.

Letter to the Editor

Caroline Thornton

Promoting her book Rouse Hill House and the Rouses.

W. F. Cole, manufacturing jeweller

Jack Grace and Graham Cocks

Walter Frederick Cole (1877-1941), manufacturing jeweller, Brisbane, 1901-41, Foundation President of the Manufacturing Jewellers’ and Silversmiths’ Association of Queensland 1920-30.

(letter about at 91:2:50)

S.S. Knights: Australian colonial sporting artist, 1814-80

Peter Walker

London-born Samuel S.(Salkeld?) Knights (c.1814-80), arrived Victoria c.1852, painter of 10 known animal portraits dated 1856-76.

William Holford. North Shore pioneer potter

Greg Johansson

Staffordshire-trained Holford (1841-), after leaving Lithgow Pottery c.1883, established a pottery at Longueville (Lane Cove), near Phoenix Pottery, 1884-7. The first marked piece, a cheese dish marked ‘Holford & Son Standard Pottery North Shore 1886’, perhaps for the 1886 North Shore Pioneer Industrial Exhibition, was recently identified.

Book reviews

Kevin Fahy

John D. Thompson Calyx, Wembly Ware and Bristile China (The Author, Perth, 1989)

Michel Bernard Raymond

Anne Schofield and Kevin Fahy Australian Jewellery 19th and Early 20th Century (David Ell Press, 1990).


Australiana Vol. 13 No. 2, May 1991

Nineteenth century light

Michael Bogle

The character of 19th and 20th candle, oil and gas and early electric light from contemporary literature.

(letter about at 91:4:94)

The arrest of Governor Bligh. Pictures and politics

Richard Neville

The 1808 arrest of William Bligh, Governor of NSW, and the anti-Bligh propaganda watercolour depicting it.

France en Australie: The Père Receveur documentation collection

F.R.L Carleton

Collection of 128 items on Conventual Franciscan priest Claude Joseph (Laurent) Receveur (1757-1788), including about his natural history and meteorological and astronomical work on the Lapérouse expedition, was delivered to the Lapérouse Museum in April by the Committee to commemorate the bicentennial of his death and burial at Botany Bay.

A Masonic medal of historical significance to Tasmania

Peter Mercer

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery recently acquired the first Masonic medal or ‘jewel’ presented to a retiring Master of a Tasmanian Freemason’s Lodge, the gold jewel presented 1867 to Germany-born merchant Leo Susman (1832-1903), Worshipful Master of the Tasmanian Union Lodge No.536 English Constitution, Hobart Town, 1865-7.

William Holford master mould-maker and designer. The Football Jug revisited

Noris Ioannou

England-born William Holford (b.1841), journeyman potter, master mouldmaker and designer, arrived New Zealand 1874, Melbourne 1876, Sydney 1884, Lithgow, Sydney, Adelaide 1887. Established London Pottery Works, Adelaide, after 1887, producing decorated household wares, including the press-moulded majolica-glazed earthenware jug bearing a frieze of footballers and Norwood and Ports banners. A third example of this Football Jug has been found in Adelaide, dated on its base 3/8/98.

Timothy Tillston Jones, Sydney Jeweller. A Biographical Note

Michel Bernard Reymond

London-born Jones (c.1810-97), arrived Sydney 1853, goldsmith, watchmaker and jeweller, with John Walker as Walker & Jones 1858-c.1862, alone as T. T. Jones 1863-75, with son Frederick as T. T. Jones & Son 1876-1917.


Juliet Cook

About John Wade ‘Public Collecting and Private Collecting’ at 90:2:33

Dick Phillips

Cites howler on Australian silver in American book.

Brian Eggleton

About Jack Grace and Graham Cocks ‘W. F. Cole, Manufacturing Jeweller’ at 91:1:13; writer also describes his newly-acquired teaspoon by silversmith Robert Broad.

Rare First Fleet Ship Portrait

One of only two detailed paintings of a First Fleet ship, an oil painting by Francis Holman (d.1790) of the storeship Borrowdale, 340 tons, built Sunderland 1785, was recently acquired by Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney.

A Vice-Regal Connection with a Piece of Grand Victoriana. Lady Young’s Presentation Epergne

Peter Mercer

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery recently acquired a banquet table centrepiece or epergne by Thomas Bradbury and Sons, Sheffield, for which money had been presented in 1861 by Tasmanian ladies as a farewell gift to Lady Augusta Sophia Young (d.1913), wife of Sir Henry Edward Fox Young, first Governor-in-Chief (1855-61) of Tasmania (as Van Diemen’s Land was renamed in 1855) under responsible government (1856) and first occupant of the gothic viceregal residence on the Queen’s Domain (1858).


Australiana Vol.13 No.3, August 1991

President’s Report

Mike Darlow

Secretary’s Report

Graham Cocks

Treasurer’s Report

Kenneth Cavill

The Australiana Society Incorporated. Financial Statements of Receipts and Expenditure for the Year Ended 30th June 1991

G. W. K. Cavill

"Don’t Delay - Buy a Bottle To-day’. Patent Medicines in Australia

Marjorie Graham


Gold Digger Jewellery

Colonial Furniture Exhibition for Hobart

Peter Mercer

F. W. Nissen. Queensland Manufacturing Jeweller & Watchmaker

Graham Cocks and Jack Grace

Denmark-born Frederick William Nissen, arrived 1872, jeweller, Brisbane, 1892-1984 and Bundaberg 1913-24. Includes table ‘Business Histories’ of Henry L. Davis & Co. Ltd, Brisbane, from 1876, and F. W. Nissen.

A Jimmy Possum Chair. Acquired for the Tasmanian State Collection

Peter Mercer

Sturdy stick-back chair type c.1890s-1930s in Deloraine district, northern Tasmania.

[Notice of death of James Lincoln Hall]

A History of Music in Australia. Mrs. Chester from Drury Lane - 1835

James Lincoln Hall

Sydney Gazette musical advertisements and notices August-October 1835, including Mrs Chester’s concerts.


Australiana Vol.13 No.4, November 1991

Tilbury and Lewis Pty Ltd. Manufacturing Jewellers, Silversmiths and Electroplaters

Kenneth Cavill

Thomas W. Tilbury, jeweller and watchmaker, Melbourne, from 1910; with Norman Comper as Tilbury Manufacturing Company 1914-6 and Tilbury, Comper and Company Pty Ltd 1916-8; with George Lewis as Tilbury and Lewis Pty Ltd since 1918, one of Australia’s largest electroplated nickel silver (EPNS) and sterling silverware manufacturers.


Caressa Crouch

About Michael Bogle ‘Nineteenth Century Light’ at 91:2:33.

National Gallery of Victoria. Press Release 6 August 1991

New Rooms of Australia Art opened at National Gallery of Victoria.

Collecting Australian Furniture. Identification of the Common c.19th Australian Cabinet Timbers

David Bedford

Adapted from a lecture given to the Australian Society AGM 1 August 1991.

Heraldry on Australiana

Brian Eggleton

Principles of heraldry and its occurrence on 19th century Australian ceramics, silver and furniture.

Book Review

Kevin Fahy

Terence Lane & Jessie Serle Australians at Home. A Documentary History of Australian Domestic Interiors from 1788-1914 (Oxford University Press, 1990)

An Early Optical Instrument

J. M. Houstone

Compound monocular Eirometer (for measuring wool fibre coarseness) by instrument-maker Peter Dollond, London, presented 1829 by London trading house Messrs Donaldson Wilkinson & Co to the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of New South Wales (1822-37).

Junghans New Products

Reprinted Advertisement

(Additions to at 91:4:110)


Australiana Vol.14 No.1, February 1992

James Oatley & His Long Case Clocks - A list and bibliography

Kevin Fahy

Stafford-born clock and watchmaker Oatley (c.1770-1839), arrived 1815 Sydney, is best-known early Australian clockmaker. His 23 known long case clocks are listed.

The Age of Macquarie. Exhibition and Book

Exhibition at Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney, 27 February-17 May 1992; book edited by Dr James Broadbent & Joy Hughes; on cultural, political and economic aspects of Lachlan Macquarie’s Governorship of NSW 1810-22.

A Mount Gambier Foundation Trowel

Dick Phillips and John Houstone

Silver trowel by jeweller John Sellwood (c.1825-1867), Gambier, presented 1865 by Members of Congregation of Christ Church, Mount Gambier, South Australia, to Leonard Gilbert Browne of Moorak (b. c.1852).

The Three Macquarie Chairs

Julian Bickersteth

History and construction details of 3 rosewood Gothic chairs associated with NSW Governor Lachlan Macquarie - the Scott Chair at St James Church, King Street, labelled ‘Temple & Webster…1821’, and similar chairs at Macquarie University and The Mint Museum - identifies all 3 as work of transported (1813) carpenter/cabinetmaker William Temple and (1820) carver John Webster 1820-1.

(letter about at 92:2:50)

Letter to the Editor

Caressa Crouch

Furniture finish and patina.

The Horn of Plenty. Talking Machine to Gramophone in Australia

Marjorie Graham

From the Edison Phonograph c.1906-7 to 1954.

An Early Australian Lighthouse Surviving in Model Form in Hobart

Peter Mercer

Tasmanian lighthouses, including Low Head lighthouse, at River Tamar’s mouth, north coast of Tasmania, a model of which dated 1866 is in collection of Van Diemen’s Land Folk Museum, Hobart.


Australiana Vol.14 No.2, May 1992

Modern Ceramic Products

Jack Grace and Graham Cocks

Modern Ceramics Products, Sydney, 1946-57 and its Mingay art pottery 1943-9.

Sydney Jewellers & Watchmakers in the 1850s

"An Old Timer"

Reprinted from Commonwealth Jeweller & Watchmaker, September, December 1918.

Illustration ‘Gold Casket by Julius Hogarth presented to Princess Alexandra in 1864’ reprinted from Illustrated Melbourne Post, 24 March 1864.

A note on Thomas Bock’s portraits of the Tasmanian Aborigines

N. J. B. Plomley

Includes table of measurements of individuals in Bock’s portraits 1832-1833/5

Some Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Trade Jewellers in Western Australia

Dorothy Erickson

Adolph Otto Kopp (d.1905), arrived Melbourne 1855, jeweller in Fremantle 1891-1904;

[Joseph] Donovan and Overland, jewellery wholesaler 1897-c.1926; and Levinson and Sons, wholesale manufacturing jewellers c.1893-1961.

Pseudo English Hallmarks on German Silver and an Australian Connection

Wynyard Wilkinson

Extracts of 1873-4 correspondence of Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths showing silver struck with imitations of English hallmarks made in Germany was shipped from Bremen to London for reshipment to Adelaide. There are two Adelaide retailers with known Bremen connections.

Letter to the Editor

Bob Crosbie

About Julian Bickersteth ‘The Three Macquarie Chairs’ at 92:1:11.

Book Reviews

John Wade

Dr James Boow Early Australian Commercial Glass: Manufacturing Processes (The Department of Planning and The Heritage Council of NSW, Sydney, 1991)


(Ed.) Gillian Winter Tasmanian Insights: Essays in Honour of Geoffrey Thomas Stilwell

Notice to Members

Kevin Fahy

Possible transfer of The Mint Museum, Macquarie Street, from the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (Powerhouse) to the State Library of NSW.

Australiana Vol.14 No.3, August 1992

President’s Report

Kenneth Cavill

Secretary’s Report

Graham Cocks

Treasurer’s Report

Andrew Simpson

The Australiana Society (Inc.) Financial Statements.

[Andrew Simpson]

More Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Trade Jewellers in Western Australia

Dorothy Erickson

Ireland-born Thomas Richard Scanlan (1860-after 1922), arrived WA 1864, jeweller in Fremantle by 1884, in Perth from 1893; the South Australians Alex and Phillip Rettig, jewellers in Coolgardie 1899-1901 & 1903-9; and Victorian Matthew Ernest Mazzuchelli (Mazzuchelli and Downes, Boulder, 1903-12; Mazzuchelli’s, Kalgoorlie and Boulder 1912-21, Perth since 1921, mainly in retail).

Australian Decorative Arts at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

Deborah Edwards

c.200 items collected 1909-34, mostly work of members of Society of Arts and Crafts of NSW (formed 1906) in pottery, leatherwork, woodcarving and pyrography, metalwork, and needlework and weaving.

A Long-Awaited Announcement. The Dictionary of Australian Artists: Painters, Sketchers, Photographers and Engravers to 1870. Edited by Joan Kerr, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1992…

Joan Kerr

Details of c.2500 individuals: every picture-maker who set foot in Australia before 1870.

Exhibition: Faces of Australia. Image, Reality and the Portrait (1818-1992)

Reprinted from Upfront, June-August 1992

Portraits in the Mitchell and Dixson Libraries of the State Library of NSW, Sydney, to 18 October 1992.

William H. Spencer. Journeyman Silversmith

Peter Roberts

Immigrant Spencer (c.1854-after 1923), arrived Adelaide 1863, jeweller and watchmaker in Adelaide 1880-2, in Gawler 1888-94, in Port Adelaide 1903-23.

Editor’s Note

[Kevin Fahy]

Additions to reproduced advertisement ‘Junghans New Products’ at 91:4:110.

Book Notices and Book Reviews


Peter Luck Australian Icons (Heinemann, 1992)

Grace Cochrane The Crafts Movement in Australia: A History (NSW University Press, 1992)

Forthcoming Publications. Kenneth Cavill, Graham Cocks & Jack Grace Australian Jewellers, Gold and Silversmiths - Makers and Marks

John Wade

Scott Carlin (Ed. David Wells) Terracotta Australis: Potters and Brickmakers 1833-1981

(The Newcastle Regional Museum, 1992)


Michael Atherton Australian Made … Australian Played (MSW University Press, 1990)

Kevin Fahy

Mary Ann Parker (Reissued with a commentary by Gavin Fry) A Voyage Around the World (Hordern House, Sydney, 1992)

The Japanese Midget Submarine Attack on Sydney Harbour, 31 May 1942

John Wade

Account of attack. Notes exhibition Hitting Home!, at the Australian National Maritime Museum, to January 1993.


Australiana Vol.14 No.4, November 1992

Young America and Young Australia: 200 years of US Trade

John Wade

American ships in Australian waters 1787-92, concentrating on the 1792 visit of the Philadelphia brig Philadelphia, which opened trade between the USA and Australia.

A Relic of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery’s Past Returns to Tasmania

Peter Mercer

Polished wooden stonemason’s mallet made for 1901 cornerstone laying of Museum’s Macquarie Street extension.

Roller Skating in Australia

Marjorie Graham

Since rinking began in Melbourne c.1866, concentrating on 1877-1917.

Recent Museum Acquisitions of Australiana: Liebentritt’s Cumberland Pottery and Arthur Rice. A Collection with Great Research Potential Goes to the Powerhouse

Dr David Dolan, Senior Curator, Powerhouse Museum

Edna L. Rice’s 100+ item collection (mostly papers) of Germany-born Paul Liebentritt’s son John Frederick Liebentritt’s firm F. Liebentritt and Sons Cumberland Pottery and Tile Works (1860s-late 1930s) and of his son-in-law Arthur Rice, employee (1902-late 1930s) at Wunderlich, the prominent Sydney ceramics and architectural decoration manufacturer.

Advance Australia: C.H. Wood. Embellisher of sea-shells, ox-horn and whale-ivory

Stuart M. Frank

English or American engraver C.H. Wood produced numerous souvenir nautilus shells incised with ships 1845-60, sold in England and New York; oxhorns 1857; a powder horn ‘The Horn of Australia’ carved ‘On Board the Ector Whale Ship from Boston’ 1828, and perhaps a whaletooth.


Australiana Vol. 15 No. 1, February 1993

Dorothy M. Wager

Deborah Cocks

Fiji-born Dorothy M. Wager (b.1912), jeweller in Sydney, with Rhoda Wager 1928-39, and in her own studios since 1939.

Lord Byron and Australia

Michael Bogle

Connections of George Gordon Byron (1788-1824), 6th Lord Byron, to Australia, notably William Charles Wentworth’s poem ‘On the Death of Lord Byron’ (1824) and stonemason Walter McGill’s copy (1870), for Sir James Martin’s house Clarens, of the Choregic Monument of Lysicrates (330 BC) in Athens, which Byron had used as a study 1810-1.

Clandestine furniture in the Macquarie era

R.A. Crosbie

An 1820 investigation into the use of property and convict staff of the Government Lumber Yards, Sydney, to clandestinely make furniture.

English and the Australian Eastern Colonies’ involvement in jewellery and silversmithing in Western Australia

Dorothy Erickson

English and Victorian manufacturers in WA from 1890s, mostly to 1921.

(Corrigendum of at 93:2:37)

Letter to the Editor

Bob Crosbie

Advises of formation of The Trade Tools Group (TTTG), Sydney, to preserve the material artefacts and technology of colonial arts and crafts.


Australiana Vol. 15 No. 2, May 1993

Matches strike a light in Australia

Marjorie Graham

Australian-manufactured wax (vestas) and safety matches since 1841, and their box labels.


To Dorothy Erickson ‘English and the Australian Eastern Colonies’ involvement in jewellery and silversmithing in Western Australia’ at 93:1:23


Edward Hunt, cabinetmaker, Sydney. Hunt’s workshop structure 1820-1829

R.A. Crosbie

Transcribes primary government documents including 1828 Census.

Author’s Note

Bob Crosbie

Advises of formation of The Trade Tools Group (TTTG).

The twentieth century: J.C. Taylor and the Harrises - A foot in both camps

Dorothy Erickson

Springwood, NSW, born James Coates Taylor (1866-1950s), jeweller Taylor and Sharp in Tasmania 1895 and Western Australia 1902-c.1934, when sold business to C. Harold Harris. Birmingham-born Harris (1901-87) arrived in Perth 1921, with father Charles owned Harris and Son, wholesale ringmakers c.1921-c.1980, and J. C. Taylor jewellers c.1934-c.1946.

Recent museum acquisitions of Australiana. An early Sydney silver tobacco box. acquired by the Art Gallery of South Australia

Christopher Menz

Reprinted from AGSA [Art Gallery of South Australia] News, Feb/March 1993.

Circular silver box by Prussian-born Jacob Josephson (b.1774), presented by ‘E.W.’ (Elizabeth Wylde?) to Commissioner of Inquiry John Thomas Bigge 1821.

Classic and aesthetic - two English silver cups with Australian stories. Acquired by the Powerhouse Museum

David Dolan

English neo-classical silver goblet hallmarked 1867 bearing crest and motto of Sir James Martin (1820-93), NSW Premier. Birmingham-made Japanese-influenced silver trophy cup with gold embellishment presented as cricket trophy 1883 by Frederick Thomas Humphery (1841-1908), Member for Shoalhaven, NSW, 1882-7.

Governor Macquarie’s holey dollar and dump. Acquired by the Australian National Maritime Museum

Holey Dollar and Dump minted 1814 placed under foundation stone of South Head lighthouse 1816.

Book review

L. Carlisle

Kenneth Cavill, Graham Cocks & Jack Grace Australian Jewellers, Gold & Silversmiths - Makers & Marks (C. G. C. Gold Pty Ltd, Sydney, 1992)

Kevin Fahy

(Ed.) Judith O’Callaghan The Australian Dream: Design of the Fifties (Powerhouse Publishing, Sydney, 1993)

A practical guide: plaster work: styles, history, materials, suppliers by Joanna Capon

A complete guide to lighting: styles, history, planning, suppliers by Mandy Jean

Random House Australia, NSW 1991

Letter to the Editor

Diana Morgan

On loan exhibition of decorative arts and furniture at National Gallery of Victoria 6-12 September 1993.

From the Editor’s Desk

[Kevin Fahy]


Australiana Vol. 15 No. 3, August 1993

President’s report

Kenneth Cavill

Secretary’s report

Graham Cocks

The Australiana Society (Inc.) Financial Statement. Income & expenditure statement for the year ended 30th June 1993

[Andrew Simpson]

Special announcement

Literary award named ‘The Powerhouse Prize for Australiana’, to be awarded for article published in Australiana in 1993.

Orpheus Arfaras: A talented immigrant Australian

Graham Cocks & Jack Grace

Arfaras (b.1909), arrived Sydney 1949, potter at art pottery (Mingay) section of Modern Ceramic Products (MCP), Sydney, 1949-56, and Studio Anna.

Henry Parkes, James Barnet and the Italian sculptors of Sydney

Roslyn Maguire

NSW Premier Parkes commissioned Tommaso Sani in 1891, Rome-born Achille Simonetti (arrived Sydney 1881) in 1889 and Giovanni Fontana (1821-93) in 1880; NSW Colonial Architect Barnet commissioned Sani 1883 and Fontana 1888.

The Kone chair

Michael Bogle

Modernist bowl-shaped plywood chair produced 1948-60 by Descon, by Sydney furniture designer Roger McLay (b.1922).

An Australian silversmith’s craft - aspects of construction

R.J.L. Martin

Describes construction methods, including deep drawing and redrawing, ironing, spout and handle formation, used by author in making a copper jug and tumbler set.

Historic Shipwrecks Act amnesty

Alan Roberts

158 wrecks in Commonwealth waters were declared protected under Historic Shipwrecks Act, 1976. On 1 April 1993 all wrecks 75+ years old became protected, meaning it is illegal to disturb their remains and anyone who finds a wreck or possessed a wreck relic is to report it. Anyone who did not give due notification before 1 April 1993 has an amnesty from 1 May to 30 October 1993.

Book review

Kevin Fahy

Anthony Hill Antique Furniture in Australia (Penguin Books Australia Ltd, Victoria, revised edition, 1993)

Furniture polishing techniques in New South Wales before 1840

R.A. Crosbie

Occupational analysis of arriving convicts indicates some town-manufactured furniture made after c.1820 (and most after 1836) was given a high finish; cheaper furniture was oil or spirit varnished.


Australiana Vol. 15 No. 4, November 1993

Special announcement

Reprint of that in Vol.15 No.3.

A successful enterprise of the early 20th century: The Phoenix Manufacturing Company, silversmiths and electroplaters

Kenneth Cavill

Melbourne silversmiths and makers of electroplated silverware 1916-1960s

(Corrigendum of at 94:1:7)

Recent museum acquisitions of Australiana

David Dolan

Papers of Joseph D. Mackey (c.1861-1933) and the Co-operative Flint Glass Company of Balmain 1883-1926, presented to the Powerhouse Museum.

A ‘Champion’ table

Anne Watson

The surviving 1 of the 13 items of Tasmanian furniture displayed at 1851 Great Exhibition in London, a muskwood pedestal table c.1847 is stamped with name of its Hobart hotelier owner William Champion (c.1801-47), but not its maker. On stylistic grounds, author suggests attribution to Hobart cabinetmaker William Hamilton.

Purchase of Staffordshire figurines by the Australiana Fund

Five figurines of Australia-connected subjects c.1845-7, c.1848 and c.1873, acquired in London auction.

Treasures from private collections

500+ items (200+ colonial Australian jewellery) exhibition at National Gallery (Victoria) Women’s Association, Melbourne.

Book reviews

Kevin Fahy

Early Australian Samplers 1831-1940 (Embroiderers Guild Victoria, Malvern, 1989

Marjorie Morgan Legacy in Sculptured Wood: An Appreciation of the Work of John Kendrick Blogg, 1851-1936 (Marjorie Morgan Publications, Blackburn, 1993)

From the Editor’s Desk

[Kevin Fahy]

Archaeology & Australiana

Report of the lecture to last [7 October] Australiana Society meeting Collectibles in Context: Sir John Jamison’s Tableware Down the Regentville Drain by Dr Judy Birmingham, Associate Professor and head of Prehistory and Archaeology, School of Archaeology, University of Sydney.

Canadian furniture in Australia

In The Advertiser (Adelaide) 1909.

‘The Man from Snowy River’

4 Australian cast iron hitching posts.

Colonial ‘Grandfather’ clocks

[Kevin Fahy]

James Oatley’s (c.1770-1839) longcase clock No.51, 1827, unnumbered ‘Tall’ clock and shortcase clock No.23 1822.

A South Australian travelling companion

Review of Explore the Barossa (SA Government Printer).

The future of the Australiana Society

30% drop in Society membership causes membership subscription increase.

Letter to the Editor

Paul F. Gregson

About R.A. Crosbie ‘Furniture Polishing Techniques in NSW before 1840’ at 93:3:81

A bargain: The ultimate Australian rarity?

Kevin Fahy

Review of remaindered First Fleet to Federation: Australian Antiques (The National Trust of Australia (NSW) 1977)


Australiana Vol. 16 No. 1, February 1994

Special announcement

Powerhouse Prize for Australiana for 1993 awarded to Dr Dorothy Erickson for her article ‘English and the Australian Eastern Colonies’ involvement in jewellery and silversmithing in Western Australia’.

Address to the Australiana Society 26 January 1994

Margaret Betteridge

The Mint, Sydney.

From the Editor’s Desk

[Kevin Fahy]


To Kenneth Cavill ‘A successful enterprise of the early 20th century: The Phoenix Manufacturing Company, silversmiths and electroplaters’ at 93:4:90-96

The great kangaroo hunt

Robert Hutchinson

5 kangaroo pottery trademarks.

Australiana and the Australian-Made Preference League

Desmond Barrett

Promotion of Australian products by the Sydney-based League 1924-6, including the Great White Train display.

Ostentation and the ostrich

Marjorie Graham

Production and use of ostrich feathers in Australian hats.

A colonial watchstand

Clive Pickering

A wooden watchstand in form of miniature longcase clock with female supporters, retrieved from an old gold mine.

Furnituremaking in Sydney: 1832-1839. Assigned convict artisans

R.A. Crosbie

Uses sources including the Returns of Assignment in the NSW Government Gazette, to indicate details of the 14 (of 26) Sydney furniture tradesmen who were assigned convict servants 1832-9.


Australiana Vol. 16 No. 2, May 1994

Special announcement

Reprint of that in Vol.16 No.1.

Australian Dictionary of Biography

Report of the lecture to April 1994 Australiana Society meeting by Dr John Ritchie, General Editor of the Australian Dictionary of Biography (ADB), about the ADB:

12 volumes and Index covering 1788-1939 and 1 of 4 planned volumes covering 1940-1980 published, and a Biographical Register of c.300,000 cards maintained.

Quo vadis Toona australis?

David Bedford

The botanic name changes of Australian Red Cedar, its relation to Indian Toona ciliata cedar and their uses in Australian and Anglo-Indian furniture.

Cattai homestead

Caressa Crouch

Homestead c.1823 on Arndell family property 1803-1980, Cattai State Recreation Area since 1980.

Forthcoming exhibition: Robert Prenzel - His Life and Work.

3 June-11 July 1994, Ground Floor, Special Exhibitions Gallery, National Gallery of Victoria, sponsored by the Timber Promotions Council.

[Terence Lane]

Prussian-born Prenzel (1866-1941), woodcarver in Melbourne 1888-1941. One of Australia’s most skilled carvers, most noted for his furniture naturalising Art Nouveau in a style expressing Federation pride.

The carpenter’s workshop and furniture making at the Sydney Lumber Yard in 1821 and 1822

R.A. Crosbie

The Lumber Yard system in early NSW, the Sydney Lumber Yard in particular and its Carpenter’s Workshops, up to Governor Brisbane’s 1821-2 review of the Engineer’s Department.

The Elizabeth Rouse mourning brooch

Scott Carlin

Elizabeth Rouse née Adams (1772-1849), and her portraits, including two by William Griffith (c.1808-70), and an 1849 miniature in a brooch, held in Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW.

From the Editor’s Desk

[Kevin Fahy]


Australiana Vol. 16 No. 3, August 1994

Special announcement

Reprint of that in Vol.16 No.1.

President’s report

Kenneth Cavill

Secretary’s report

Kevin Skelsey

The Australiana Society (Inc.) Financial Statement. Income & expenditure statement for the year ended 30th june 1994

[Andrew Simpson]

James Lumsden, master cabinetmaker and the 1851 Great Exhibition

Caressa Crouch

Elgin-born Lumsden (1796-1880), major Van Diemen’s Land cabinetmaker (furniture manufacturer and undertaker) 1830s-1880. His experience of the 1851 Great Exhibition in London, at which he exhibited a Huon Pine Loo Table, apparently caused his absence from subsequent exhibitions.

Obituary: Marjorie Graham (1924-1994)

Kevin Fahy

Honorary Associate of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, author of two definitive books, Australian Pottery of the 19th & Early 20th Century (1979) and Australian Glass of the 19th & Early 20th Century (1981).

Exhibition: Martha Berkeley & Theresa Walker.

Friday 5 August-Sunday 25 September 1994. Admission: Free. Gallery: 7. Art Gallery of South Australia

Reprinted from Art Gallery of South Australia News, June-July 1994.

Sisters who arrived in SA in 1837 and became SA’s first professional artists; Berkeley (in SA 1837-52) painted watercolour landscapes and portraits in oils; Walker, Australia’s first woman sculptor, made wax medallion portraits of notables across the colonies.

The Broughton travelling writing desk

J.B. Hawkins

Writing desk c.1848/9 with hand-written list of constituent timbers is labelled work of London-born Henry William Broughton (c.1806-1885), cabinetmaker in Melbourne.

Forthcoming Australian-American Walter & Marion Griffin exhibition

David Dolan, Senior Curator, Powerhouse Museum

Calls for Griffin items of interest for Powerhouse Museum exhibition in 1996-7.

Panel discussion on furniture conservation and restoration

Caressa Crouch (transcriber)

At The Glover Cottage, Sydney, on 2 June 1994, chair Kevin Fahy, panel of conservators Paul Gregson and Julian Bickersteth and Anne Watson, Curator of Decorative Arts and Design, Powerhouse Museum.

Empire of the South

Michael Bogle

Circular bronze relief Empire of the South (1879) by French exile Lucien Henry (1850-96).

From the Editor’s Desk. Clifford Craig (1896-1986)

[Kevin Fahy]

Craig’s early colonial Australian furniture collection to be auctioned at Sotheby’s in Launceston 19 November 1994.

An early Sydney antique dealer

A 1913 receipt from Antiques Ltd, Sydney, c.1912-5.

Recent museum acquisitions of Australiana: Art Gallery of South Australia acquires an outstanding example of cabinet-makers art

Reprinted from Art Gallery of South Australia News, June-July 1994.

Hall table and 2 chairs of George Debney (c.1819-1895), prominent Adelaide cabinetmaker 1847-75, now on display in the Elder Wing.


Australiana Vol. 16 No. 4, November 1994

Special Announcement

Reprint of that in Vol.16 No.1.

Important notice. Australia Day Dinner - 26 January 1995

Research interests. Kevin Skelsey…

Wicks The Jewellers, Broken Hill, and Studio Fisher, Art Pottery, Kogarah.

Journeys through landscapes - Conrad Martens: life & art. State Library of New South Wales 21 November 1994-2 July 1995

[Elizabeth Ellis]

Exhibition of 200+ Martens works from Library’s collections, by the Curator of Pictures, Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW

Two Parramatta collections. An Australiana Society members excursion

Kevin L. Skelsey

8 October excursion to collections of Hambledon Cottage (1824) and Experiment Farm Cottage (c.1793), Parramatta.

Book review

Kevin Fahy

Sydney Harbour David Moore, with text by Rodney Hall (Chapter & Verse in association with the State Library of NSW Press, 1994)

Book notice

Prue Joske Debonair Jack: A biography of Sir John Longstaff (Hudson Publishing, Hawthorn Victoria)

Commemorative and souvenir spoons of Australian interest, 1894-1994

Kenneth Cavill

Lists and illustrates 56 spoons.

Dealers, debtors and diehards - furniture, furnishings and textiles in early Sydney

Natalie Welsh

References to furniture, furnishings and textiles in Volume 1 of the Sydney Gazette, 52 weekly issues from 5 March 1803 to 26 February 1804.

Sydney Mint Museum. Senior Curator David Dolan outlines the Sydney Mint Museum’s History and plans for its future.

David Dolan

Letter to the Editor

Judith Heaven

About David Bedford ‘Quo vadis Toona australis?’ (at 94:2:36): on Toona australis and ‘Anglo-Indian’ furniture

The Eureka Stockade

3 December 1994 is 140th anniversary of the Ballarat uprising. Historic Montrose Cottage, Ballarat, will have display of Eureka memorabilia November 1994-May 1995.

Australiana Vol. 17 No. 1, February 1995

Special announcement

Powerhouse Prize for Australiana for 1994 awarded to Kenneth Cavill for his article ‘Commemorative and Souvenir Spoons of Australian Interest 1894-1994’.


David Dolan resigns as an Australiana Society vice-president.

A new museum for Australia. National Museum of Australian Pottery

First museum dedicated to 19th century Australian potters, at Wodonga, officially opened 26 January 1995, contains 500+ pieces of domestic pottery from 72 companies produced 1819-1918.

Exhibition. Fleeting encounters: Pictures and chronicles of the First Fleet

50 watercolour paintings, including from the Natural History Museum, London, the inaugural exhibition at the Museum of Sydney 11 March-31 May 1995.

John Adam Pearson. Sydney’s first portrait sculptor

Jane Lennon

1839 marble wall tablet profile portrait of William Wardell, died 1834, in St James Church, Sydney, produced at Clewett’s Colonial and Foreign Marble Works, is apparently by Hull, Yorkshire-born Pearson (c.1821-44).

Reflections on a collection. Marjorie Yvonne Graham (b. 28 May 1924, d. 30 May 1994)

John Wade

Pioneer collector and researcher of Australian ceramics, glass and ephemera, author of two definitive books, her typological 1,000+ piece Marjorie and Don Graham Collection was auctioned by Lawsons on 16 October 1994.

Book review

Kevin Fahy

Reprint with introduction by Garry Smith of A. Hall & Company The Grandest Display of Household Furniture in the Colony. Sydney 1897 (Wongoolah Publishing, Via Taree, NSW, 1994), an illustrated furniture catalogue..

The Barossa folk: Germanic furniture and craft traditions in Australia

Noris Ioannou

Overview of his book (Craftsman House, to be released in April 1995) on Germanic- tradition craft throughout Australia, including its heartland in the Barossa Valley, South Australia.


James Broadbent

Paper delivered at the State Conference of Museums Australia (NSW) on 14 October 1994, inspired by the auction sale of the Marjorie Graham collection, on perceptions about decorative arts collecting, for reference versus connoisseurship.

Industrial design in Australia

Michael Bogle

Australian industrial design since the late 1930s.

Book note

Australian Studio Glass: The Movement its Makers and their Art by Noris Ioannou (Craftsman House, February 1995)


Australiana Vol. 17 No. 2, May 1995

Book notice

(Ed.) Joan Kerr Heritage: The National Women’s Art Book: 500 works by 500 Australian Women from colonial times to 1995 (Art and Australia, Roseville)

Society and Australiana News

Do you know?

Regular free guided tours of St Andrews and St Mary’s Cathedrals and The Great Synagogue.

The 1995 Australia Day Dinner

Governor Bourke’s lost vase. Silver Society of Australia paper, presented 6 March 1995

Penny Williams

Locating a silver tray and vase presented in Cape of Good Hope Colony 1828 to Major General Richard Bourke (1777-1855) - Lieutenant Governor of the Cape Colony 1825-8, Governor of NSW 1831-5 - in the Africana Museum, Johannesburg and an Australian private collection.

‘Kingston' - the residence of John Batman, Van Diemen’s Land

Caressa Crouch

The northern Tasmanian property established by Batman c.1823-35. Primary sources - including the John Glover (1767-1849) painting sold by Phillips as ‘Natives in the Eucalyptus Forest on Milles Plains; Patterdale Farm, the artist’s home and Ben Lomond in the distance’ - indicate Batman’s house was not the rubble cottage currently so identified.

The first exhibitions of Early Australian decorative arts: Sydney 1929, 1941 & 1953

Kevin Fahy

Extracts from the catalogues of the Burdekin House exhibition 1929, Mrs Gregory Blaxland’s ‘Early Australian Room’ at the loan exhibition ‘An Englishman’s Home From 1700-1841’ at David Jones Art Gallery 1941 and the furniture at ‘A Retrospective Exhibition of Australian Painting’ at the Art Gallery of NSW 1953.

Early furniture in Van Diemen’s Land

Mary Cree

Biographical details of Ireland-born cabinetmaker William Ormsby Hamilton (c.1805-1885), arrived free Hobart Town 1832, partnership with John McLoughlin 1832-40, then continued alone as importer, cabinet and chairmaker.


Australiana Vol. 17 No. 3, August 1995

President’s report

[Michel Reymond]

Secretary’s report

[Kevin Skelsey]

Financial statement

[Andrew Simpson]

The Australiana Society meeting, 1st June 1995

Caressa Crouch

Report of the lecture on Women’s Art from Colonial Times by Professor Joan Kerr.

Connections in Queensland colonial furniture

Glenn R. Cooke

Warwick Historical Society sideboard provenanced to John Deuchar (1822-72)’s Glengallan, Darling Downs, made by Joshua Ebenston 1868, and its stylistic links with other sophisticated examples of 1860s and 1870s Queensland cabinetwork, notably a davenport in the collection of the Women’s Historical Society, Brisbane, made by John Wilson Carey 1873.

Art and science: early Australian natural history drawings and engravings

Jane Lennon

Illustrations of Australian flora and fauna for Britain 1790-1802.

(Corrigenda of at 95:4:91)

Miniature tea and coffee sets

R. J.L. Martin

Describes construction methods, including deep drawing and redrawing, used by author in making two sets, one copper and one sterling silver.

Letter to the Editor

Caressa Crouch

On poor state of knowledge of 19th century Tasmanian architects, builders and craftsmen


Australiana Vol. 17 No. 4, November 1995

Important notice

Change of Society meeting venue from 22 February 1996 to Powerhouse Museum.

Australia Day Dinner 26 January 1996

From the Editor’s Desk. Early Australian pottery

[Kevin Fahy]

Several c.1835-55 Irrawang Pottery marked salt glazed stoneware wine jars recently appeared at a Hunter Valley auction. Seeks small glazed earthenware bust of George Washington dated 1822 by Anson Moreton, Sydney.

Book note

Joan Graney The Whitesides of Birralee (The Author, Kingston Beach, Tasmania)


[Kevin Fahy]

To Jane Lennon ‘Art and science: Early Australian natural history drawings and engravings’ at 95:3:74-75

Early Colonial furniture. The Irish connection

Names 4 Sydney and 3 Tasmanian early Irish-born cabinetmakers.


A cast-iron figurine of NSW politician Sir George Reid (1845-1918).

Engraved horns with Australian associations

John Houstone

Catalogues 10 19th century Australian engraved cow horn powder horns.

A Christmas 1829 Medal for John William Chisholm

Penny Williams in collaboration with Les Carlisle

Silver medal awarded by Mercantile & Naval Academy, Sydney, to Chisholm (1819-90) Describes the Academy and other Sydney schools, silver import and manufacture, and Chisholm’s ancestry and later life.

The Despard snuff box

John Houstone

Silver box manufactured by Sydney jeweller, watchmaker and silversmith Robert Broad presented by the Masonic Lodges of NSW to Colonel Despard, 17th Regiment (Leicestershire), 1836.

Edward Bangs (1823-1902) an early Melbourne silversmith

Kevin Fahy

London-born silversmith in Collingwood and Melbourne, 1859-1902

Book review

Kevin Skelsey

Geoff Ford Australian Pottery: The First 100 Years (Salt Glaze Press, Wodonga, 1995)

Australiana Vol. 18 No. 1, February 1996

Book review

Penny Williams

Winsome Shepherd Gold and Silversmithing in Nineteenth & Twentieth Century New Zealand.

The Keatings - Cabinetmaking Family of Hobart, Tasmania

Caressa Crouch

James Keating, cabinetmakers mid-1860s-1924.

William Proud, Prouds and their Australian Silverware

Kenneth Cavill

The locally-made silverware 1910-1930s of Prouds, the leading Sydney retail jewellers and watchmakers, founded by William James Proud (c.1871-1931) in 1904. Particular note of commemorative trophies and William Proud’s part in an Australian gold and silver hall marking system.

William Holford. His Designs and Travels

Geoff Ford

Staffordshire-born potter and mould maker Holford (1841-1914), employee of New Zealand Royal Pottery, Milton, NZ 1874-6, Lithgow Pottery 1882-3, Trewennack’s Pottery, Adelaide, 1887-8, and Koster’s Pottery, Adelaide, 1888-90, and founder of Phoenix Pottery, 1883 and Holford & Son Standard Pottery 1884, both in Longueville, Sydney, and London Pottery Works, Marylands, Adelaide, 1890. His son Thomas Henry Holford (1866-1938) and grandson Arthur James (Jim) Holford followed him in the pottery trade, at Bennett’s Pottery, Adelaide.

Joseph Thomas Sleep. Jeweller, &c. Ballarat

David Senior

England-born Sleep (b.1837), arrived Victoria 1856, set up as jeweller with partner Mr Gerrard in Ballarat 1857-1882. In 1882 set up alone with separate watchmakers’ and jewellers’ workshops and optical goods manufactory.

A Collector’s Profile - An Interview with M. J. M. Carter 24 August 1994

Dick Phillips

Max Carter OA (b.1926), Adelaide Australian painting collector.


Australiana Vol.18 No.2, May 1996

Tasmanian colonial furniture in New Zealand

Mary Cree

Furniture made for the Crowther family in Tasmania in 1830s, taken to NZ by Herbert John Crowther (in 19th century) and bequeathed by him to NZ Museum, will be displayed in new museum in Wellington, NZ, opening February 1998.

Benjamin Brain: A Forgotten Australian Sculptor

Jane Lennon

England-born Brain (c.1822-1877), architectural carver in Sydney, Geelong and Melbourne and sculptor (1868-70) of plaster and sandstone busts of the eminent.

The Ward Testimonial

John Houstone

A silver salver presented by the Melbourne and Hobson’s Bay Railway Company to its departing executive Joseph Ward in 1857.

The Eureka Stockade - Ballarat, Victoria

David Senior

Narrative of the 1854 Ballarat firefight.

Two Giant Blue-gums

Michael Bogle

1850s references to Tasmanian timber specimens.

Government House NSW

Now open to public.

Samuel Clayton & the Foundation of the Darling Mills. The Story of an Emancipist Silversmith who Influenced the Social Fabric of the Colony

Penny Williams

Describes the Masonic foundation ceremony of John Raine (d.1837)’s Darling Mills, Parramatta, 1825, including the silver trowel engraved by Clayton with Masonic symbols presented by Raine to Robert Campbell Jr, Master. Adds biographical details of Clayton (b.c.1783-1853), history of Freemasonry in Australia to 1848, and topographical details of early Parramatta.

The Bush House. Gladesville Hospital, NSW

Michael Bogle

Unique c.1870s building in garden grounds of Gladesville Hospital, Sydney, established when Dr Frederick Norton Manning was superintendent.

Editor’s Note

[Kevin Fahy]

On 2 early views of Tarban Creek Asylum, later Gladesville Hospital.

Book Note

Soft furnishings 1830-1930 Elizabeth Wright

Further Notes on Joseph Thomas Sleep. Silversmith, Ballarat.

John Houstone

2 silver presentation cups made by Gerrard & Sleep (partners from 1857): the 1862 Ballarat Amateurs Pair Oared Prize Cup, and an 1874 Ballarat Agricultural & Pastoral Society Grand Champion Prize for a draught mare.


Australiana Vol.18 No.3, August 1996

President’s Report

[Michel Reymond]

Secretary’s Report

[Ian Dunwoodie]

Special Announcement. Australia Day Dinner Sunday 26 January 1997

The Australiana Society Inc. Income & Expenditure Statement for the year ended 30 June 1996

[Andrew Simpson]

A Peep at the Past

Extract from Mrs E. P. R. Laye’s Social Life and Manners in Australia, by a Resident (1861) on tea in a tent house on the Castlemaine goldfield.

The Australiana Society Meeting 6 June 1996

Caressa Crouch

Report of the lecture Fakes, Forgeries and Little White Lies by Barbara Reeve, head of Conservation at the Australian National Maritime Museum, on developing critical faculties about objects, including on faking patina, disguising repairs and artificial aging.

Government House, Sydney

Kevin Fahy

The mid-19th to mid-20th furniture and furnishings collection of Australia’s oldest surviving vice-regal residence, commenced 1837.

Master Cabinetmaker Alexander Watson of Van Diemen’s Land and His Tools. A Detailed Description

Caressa Crouch

Watson, arrived free Hobart 1832, died intestate 1836. Description of an administrator’s Inventory, held in Archives Office Tasmania, of his effects (119 items), including his tools and cabinetmaking accessories, of which the author makes detailed analysis, showing him capable of both general carpentry and all forms of furniture manufacture.

Letter to the Editor


Seeks provenance of two emu eggs carved G. H. Truman Eulumbie 1882.

Stories in Silver

Brian Eggleton

Description by its curator of the display Stories in Silver in Dalgety Walkway, State Library of NSW to December 1996, of 30-odd silver items from the Library’s collections. Outlines his team’s research findings on the items’ provenance. Items c1743-1907 include a sword owned by Captain James Cook (assayed 1743), spoons, including from the cabin (outfitted 1801) of Matthew Flinders’ HMS Investigator, commemorative items, including a salver presented by the Corporation of Melbourne to John Pascoe Fawkner (1845), trowels and a spade, and sporting trophies. Author is founder, first President and an Honorary Life Member of The Silver Society of Australia.


Australiana Vol.18 No.4, November 1996

Special Announcement. Australia Day Luncheon, Sunday 26 January 1997

Noris Ioannou’s Recent Overseas Experience

On 2-month folk art study tour of USA on a Churchill Fellowship.

The Corporation Cup

J. M. Houstone

Silver first prize cup for 4th of 14 races (open boats to 22 feet under canvas) at the sailing regatta in Sydney, 26 January 1867, (annual since 1837), presented by the Municipal Council of Sydney to Richard Driver Jr MLA (1829-80).

The Cafe Australia

Michael Bogle

The restaurant constructed 1915-6 in The Australia Hotel, Melbourne, designed by Walter Burley Griffin’s architectural practice, with unprecedented integrated interior form and furnishings.

F. E. Strangward - Maker of Unique Australian Mosaique Woodware

V. J. Fairley

Frederick Edwin Strangward (1863-1944), Melbourne cabinetmaker and stockbroker, maker c.1910-1930+ of 22 pieces of unique inlaid woodwork distinguished by mathematically intricate fruitwood inlay and Australian motifs such as kangaroos.

Silver Napkin Rings of Australian Make and Interest

Kenneth Cavill

While the majority of 19th century rings found in Australia are imported from Britain, Australian-origin rings are known from 1870s. The article is illustrated with 23 photographs.

The Australiana Society Meeting 1 August 1996

Caressa Crouch

Report of the lecture English Furniture Pattern Books and Australian Furniture Design by Robert Griffin, a curator of the Historic Houses Trust of NSW. The Trust’s headquarters at Lyndhurst, Glebe, includes a furnishings library.

Book Reviews

Kevin Fahy

W. & D. Hall Carter’s Collecting Australiana: A Guide to Australian Antique & Collectibles (1995)

Peter Cuffley Cottage Style in Australia A Practical Guide to Achieving a Timeless Country Look (1996)

New Publication - Working with Silver. The Story of a Practical Chemist’s Adventures

Robert J. J. Martin

Description of the book, by its author. Documents the author’s process of deep drawing and redrawing, and soldering or annealing.


Australiana Vol.19 No.1, February 1997

Empire, Emigration and the Decorative Arts: Australian Representation at International Exhibitions 1862-1886

Jonathan Sweet

Decorative arts in the Colonial International Exhibition scheme, from the London Exhibition of 1862 to the Colonial and Indian Exhibition of 1886, with particular reference to the Colony of Victoria.

Maiden Over! Or Who is for Cricket?

Frederic A. Sinfield

Origin of cricket in Australia, cricket medallions 1880s-1930s and a presentation box Derwent Cricket Club, Hobart, 1856.

The Nettleship Cup

Jolyon Warwick James

A late 19th century Australian mounted emu’s egg cup apparently manufactured by William Nettleship, jeweller in Wanganui, New Zealand 1869-1897+.

Australia and the American Civil War

John Wade and Paul Hundley

Civil war ships with Australian connections: the armed raider Confederate State Ship Shenandoah (visited Melbourne 25 January-18 February 1865) and its last victim, the New Bedford whaler Jireh Swift, and the Massachusetts whaler Stephania, sold in Sydney 1868 and renamed Onward. Jireh Swift and Stephania’s US "ship’s passports" are among the collection in the USA Gallery, National Maritime Museum, Sydney.

The Australiana Society Meeting 3 October 1996

Caressa Crouch

Report of the lecture Colonial Costume and Fashion by Lindy Ward, Curator of the Costume Department, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

Special Excursion

Notice Society to visit on 8 March 1997 Historic Houses Trust of NSW exhibition Floor Coverings in Australia 1800-1950 at Hyde Park Barracks (for tour led by Scott Carlin, Curator) and Children’s Chapel in St James’ Church crypt, King Street, Sydney.


Australiana Vol.19 No.2, May 1997

Australia Day Luncheon 1997

[Kevin Fahy]

Text of talk given by Kevin Fahy on the National Trust’s collection of Australian colonial furniture at Old Government House, Parramatta and the recent refurbishment of the building. Includes transcription of 1821 inventory of furniture at Government House.

The Earthen Floor in 19th Century Australia

Michael Bogle

Examination of published primary sources on the use of soil floors in domestic interiors.

Te Wherowhero, Tawhiao Matataera Potatau II (1825-1894)

John Hawkins

7 19th century Maori busts in Kauri gum, including c.1875 busts of Potatau II and his wife Hera.

Souvenirs from the Land of The Long White Cloud

Frederic A. Sinfield

The 19th century origins of decorative arts for tourists to New Zealand, including commemorative teaspoons and flatware, brooches and medallions.

English Furniture and the Australian Market in the late 19th century

[Extracted by Caressa Crouch]

[Reprint of] "Our Trade in Australia" The Cabinet Maker & Art Furniter (London) Vol 10, October 1, 1889 [from copy held by the Lyndhurst Conservation Resource Centre, Sydney, of the Historic Houses Trust of NSW].

Gold, Calico, Ski-ing and Archaeology

Frederic A. Sinfield

Origin of ski-ing in the Australian Alps after the gold rush, establishment of ski-ing clubs, ski-ing related presentation badges and medallions.

The Australiana Society Meeting 6 March 1997

Caressa Crouch

Report of the lecture about the exhibition Floor Coverings in Australia 1800-1950 by Scott Carlin, Curator of Elizabeth Bay House for the Historic Houses Trust of NSW.


Australiana Vol.19 No.3, August 1997

President’s Report

[John Morris]

The Australiana Society Inc. Income & Expenditure Statement for the Year Ended 30 June 1997

[Caressa Crouch]

Jeanettie Sheldon and her Galleries

Glenn R. Cooke

Article by Curator, Decorative Arts, Queensland Art Gallery, reviewing the major exhibitions managed by Sheldon, proprietor of the Sheldon Gallery, Brisbane, 1921-44, and executive committee member of the (later Royal) Queensland Art Society 1922-44.

A Rare Early Tasmanian Desk Returns to its Place of Origin

Peter Mercer

A Royal Engineers Department c.1840 cedar plan desk returned on 15 June 1995 on long term loan by the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery to its probable place of origin, the office building built 1848 by the Royal Engineers, Hobart. Article by Curator of History,

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart.

The Poetics of Play: Kathleen Rouse, Her Dolls and Mrs Cockram

Andrew Montana

The doll’s clothes and paraphernalia made by nurse Mrs Sarah Cockram for the childhood of Kathleen Rouse (1878-1932) of Rouse Hill House, Sydney.

Island Encounters at Macleay Museum

Susie Davies

Description of exhibition Island Encounters: artefacts from the Torres Strait and Pacific Islands, 1860-1891 at Macleay Museum, a museum of the history of science within the University of Sydney. The Museum originates in the collection of William John Macleay (1820-91), whose 1000+ artefacts from Australia and the Pacific region were collected c.1874-91. Exhibition curated by the author, the Museum’s Curator of Ethnography.

The Australian Colonial House. James Broadbent

The Editor [Johanna Cole]

Book review of James Broadbent’s The Australian Colonial House, Architecture and Society in New South Wales 1788-1842, the first comprehensive history. Includes extracts on John Macarthur and Cumberland Place.


Australiana Vol.19 No.4, November 1997

Furniture Inventories of Government House, Parramatta 1821-1855

Kevin Fahy

Reproduces 5 inventories (1821, 1831, 1837, 1846 and 1855) of collection disposed of by auction in 1855.

Walter Burley Griffin’s ‘Other’ Canberra Legacy

Anne Watson

The timber casket and mallet designed by Griffin for presentation to HRH the Prince of Wales on laying Canberra’s foundation stone on 21 June 1920. Griffin and his wife Marion Mahoney’s interest in Australian flora and the bush.

Why Early Colonial Art Is Not What It Seems

Richard Neville

Suggesting much early colonial art resides in European archives, especially English, especially natural history, archives. By Curator, Pictures Research, Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW, the Curator of exhibition A Rage for Curiosity at State Library until 11 January 1998.

The Australiana Society Meeting 1 May 1997

Caressa Crouch

Report of the lecture The Art of Deception: The development of Australian Photographic Portraiture by Sally Webster of the Historic Houses Trust of NSW on crayotypes or coloured photographs c.1858-1863 in the Trust’s collection, including at its property Rouse Hill House.


Australiana Vol.20 No.1, February 1998

Design in Australia 1880-1970 By Michael Bogle

Reviewed by Anne-Marie Van De Ven

Book gives significant attention to graphic and industrial design.

Convict-Provenanced Furniture in Australia

Caressa Crouch

Catalogues 44 items from Tasmania (26), NSW (17) and Queensland (1) and calls for additions.

The Australiana Society Meeting 6 November 1997

Caressa Crouch

Report, including the lecture Collecting the Uncollectable: An Aspect of Australian Popular Art by John McPhee.

"Building a Better World of Tommorrow [sic] with the Tools of Today"

Michael Bogle

The architecture, interior design and graphic presentation of the Australian Pavilion at the 1939 World’s Fair, New York.

Barossa Journeys

Noris Ioannou

Book review by its author. Book on cultural heritage of the Barossa Valley region, South Australia.


Australiana Vol.20 No.2, May 1998

W J Sanders Manufacturing Silversmiths, Goldsmiths & Art Metal Workers

Kenneth Cavill

Birmingham-born William James Sanders (1885-1946), emigrated to Sydney in 1911 and founded a silver work manufactory which has operated in Sydney since 1915, merging with medalmaker W. J. Amor Pty Ltd in 1971-1996. Sanders supplied silverware to jewellery houses, department stores and the Sydney church supply houses, silver trophy cups to sporting clubs and the gold Sydney Cup to the Australian Jockey Club 1920s-1992+.

Australian Day Picnic 1998 Vaucluse House

Caressa Crouch

Report of the picnic, including a fable by James Broadbent.

Treasures of Light

Louise Davies

Description of the Macleay Museum exhibition Treasures of Light by the Curator, Historic Photograph Collection, Macleay Museum. Images of 21 Australian photographers 1850s-1940s from the Museum’s collection.

The Architect’s Sketchbook. An exhibition at the State Library of New South Wales until 16 August 1998

John Murphy

Description by the Curator of Exhibitions. Drawn from the Library’s architectural collection, focuses on 20th century domestic architecture in NSW. Includes the exhibition guide’s entries on William Hardy Wilson (1881-1955), Harry Seidler (b.1923) and Jorn Utzon (b.1918).

The Late Kurt Albrecht

Robin Hunt

Obituary of Germany-born (c.1926-1997) proprietor of decorative arts Kozminsky Galleries, Melbourne, author of Nineteenth Century Australian Gold & Silver Smiths (1969).

A New Industry Afoot

Lindie Ward

Shoe importing and manufacturing in Australia since 1793 by co-curator of exhibition Stepping Out: Three Centuries of Shoes, at Powerhouse Museum until October 1998.


Australiana Vol.20 No.3, August 1998

Obituary - Jim Logan. Curator, Decorative Arts, National Gallery of Australia

Roger Leong & Mary Eagle

Reprinted from The Australian, 23 June 1998.

The Glory of Everyday Objects

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, exhibition Everyday Art: Australian Folk Art, from its collection.

Beyond Architecture. Marion Mahoney and Walter Burley Griffin in America, Australia and India

Notice of Powerhouse Museum exhibition of same name, including furniture, fittings and architectural renderings, on the married Chicago-born architects who designed Canberra, worked in Sydney and Melbourne, and in India 1935-7.

The Australiana Society Lecture 5 March 1998

Caressa Crouch

Report of the lecture The Fibro Frontier by Charles Pickett.

The Fibro Frontier. A Different History of Australian Architecture

Charles Pickett

On the history of fibro in Australian house construction, its manufacture in Australia since 1916 predating corrugated iron (1921), and used in almost one fifth of Australian houses at its peak in the 1960s.

A Small Unsigned Painting by Stephen Scheding [Review]

Johanna Cole

Review of book on author’s research on the identity of a 20th century landscape he bought at auction in Melbourne.

Sydney Quilt Stories 1811-1970. Elizabeth Bay House, 20 June - 27 September 1998.

Notice of Historic Houses Trust of NSW and Quilt Study Group of Australia Sydney Branch. Exhibition of quilts, tablecloths, rugs and waggas assembled from private collections.

Australian Furniture: Pictorial History and Dictionary 1788-1938

Description of and preview entries from Kevin Fahy and Andrew Simpson’s book.

John (Jann) Kannuluik Cabinet-maker, Melbourne

Michael Reymond

Estonia-born Kannuluik (1854-1929), founded a cabinet-making business which operated in Hawthorn, Melbourne,1893-1939+. His major commissions are listed: he supplied all 140-odd pieces of furniture for Australia House in London in 1914.


Australiana Vol.20 No.4, November 1998

Linking Some Sydney History with Old Patchwork Quilts

Annette Gero

Stories relating to joint exhibition Sydney Quilt Stories 1811-1970 at Elizabeth Bay House by Historic Houses Trust of NSW and the Quilt Study Group of Australia Sydney Branch.

(letter about at 99:2:26)

Vagabond Sports

Fiona Starr

Underfloor finds in Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney, of animal bones and bone gaming pieces, dice and a domino, illustrate the significance of gaming in convict life.

Stirring the Colonial Possum

Leo Schofield

Speech at launch at Government House, Sydney, on 6 October 1998, of Kevin Fahy and Andrew Simpson’s book Australian Furniture: Pictorial History and Dictionary 1788-1938.


[John Wade]

One of our greatest Australiana collections

French explorers return to Sydney

Running before the Wind

Talented surgeon

Family Album

The Australiana Society. Annual General Meeting 3 September 1998. President’s Annual Report

John Morris

The Australiana Society Inc. Income & Expenditure Statement for the year ended 30 June 1998

[Caressa Crouch]

Treasurer’s Report

Caressa Crouch

Australia Day Lunch 1999

"A Small Token of our Appreciation" An illuminated address presented to Captain Hugh Craig, 1896

John Wade

Attributed to Stuart Bouverie, presented by the passengers, March 1896, to Captain of the Eastern and Australian Steam Ship Company’s regular Sydney-Hong Kong passenger and cargo ship SS Menmuir.

Book News


Australiana Vol.21 No.1, February 1999

Australia’s First Known Furniture Pattern Book, by W. H. Rocke & Co. Melbourne

Caressa Crouch

A c.1874-6 book of 350+ designs of Victoria’s most prominent furniture warehouse (established c.1854), gives a rare overview of the range of imported and local furniture available to the average Australian.

The Sydney International Exhibition of 1879. A Look at the Books

Roslyn Maguire

Reviews souvenir and other contemporary publications about the southern hemisphere’s first international exhibition.

Neoclassical Influence in Australian Furniture

R. A. Fredman

On neoclassical motifs in Australian furniture c.1820-c.1860, suggesting three woodcarving styles, with no precise pattern book models, are identifiable in good (mainly in red cedar) Sydney pieces before 1850, which may represent three (unidentified) leading woodcarvers.

Australiana Exhibition Calendar

Australiana News

National Treasure on CD-ROM

New Publication: Period Style

1999 Heritage Festival program available

Caroline Simpson OAM

Mashman Pottery Exhibition at Chatswood

Australia ’99 World Stamp Expo in Melbourne

John Brack 1920-1999 [Obituary]


Diana Morgan

About Annette Gero ‘Linking Some Sydney History with Old Patchwork Quilts’ 98:4:89

Obituary: Dr Robert J. L. Martin

Professor Ken Cavill


Australiana Vol.21 No.2, May 1999

A Royal Visitor. The Duke of Edinburgh K.G. 1867-8, 1869, 1870-71

John B. Hawkins

HRH Prince Alfred (1844-1900) was the first member of the British Royal Family to visit Australia. The catalogue of an auction held at his London residence Clarence House, c.1893-4, now in the British Museum Library, lists most of the presentation items given to the Prince on his three Australian visits: South Australian presentations were mainly caskets and trowels in 1867, and a silver trowel in 1869.

The Breastplate of Geeagong

Caroline Webber

A note on an 1846-50 brass gorget engraved with an aborigine, kangaroo and emu ‘Geeagong Woodstock Mills’, surmised to be Geargong/Goegong/Geeagong, in the Shoalhaven/Five Islands Tribe/Government Returns of blankets distributed to Aborigines in 1837/1840/1842. Woodstock Mills (1843) was near Jamberoo, near Kiama on the NSW South Coast.

A Victorian Childhood at Rouse Hill

Scott Carlin

Rouse Hill House (1818), Sydney, was home to seven Rouse generations. Evidence of their childhoods is fullest for the fourth generation: Nina (1875-1968) and Kathleen (1878-1932) Rouse.

Exploring for the Emperor

Martin Terry

Edited version of talk given at exhibition Terre Napoléon at Museum of Sydney, on the 1800-4 Academy of Sciences expedition of the Géographe and Naturaliste under Captain Nicholas Baudin, which visited Australia in 1800-1.

Garden Collectibles

Caressa Crouch

Report of the 2 July 1998 Australiana Society lecture by historic garden design consultants Colleen Morris and Michael Lehany, on 19th century Australian garden ornaments.

Australiana News

HMB Endeavour

Manning Valley Furniture



New AGSA Curator

Concerts at Government House

Forgery in Australian Art

Heroic Rescue

1999 Heritage Awards


Caressa Crouch

Description of 1836 Hobart attic room in 1918 novel.

Edward Law

Irish. Asks knowledge of family crest collecting in Australia.

Australiana Exhibition Calendar


Australiana Vol.21 No.3, August 1999

A Royal Visitor. The Duke of Edinburgh K.G. 1867-8, 1869, 1870-71. Part 2: Victoria & Tasmania

John B. Hawkins

1867-8 presentations from Victoria, including vases incorporating eggshells by Mrs Gray, of Nareeb Nareeb, and a number of gold and silver trowels, including by the City of Melbourne, and a trowel presented at Prince Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, in 1869.1868

presentations from Tasmania, including addresses from the Corporation of Hobart Town and the Town of Launceston, each in a wood case.

Kenneth McKenzie, Amateur Cabinet-maker

Sally Webster

Mining engineer McKenzie (1836-1922) designed buildings in the NSW South Coast, including Meerogal at Nowra (1886), where his family lived for four generations and which retains examples of his cabinetmaking.

Ebony in Early Australian Cabinet-making

R. A. Fredman

Ebony embellishment of furniture in Australia in the first quarter of the nineteenth century.

Australiana News

The Search for Endeavour

Virtual Endeavour

Gifts and Bequests now more attractive

RAHS Conference

Maritime Conference

Rouse Hill estate opens

Another Lord McAlpine Sale

Australiana Exhibition Calendar

Australiana Vol.21 No.4, November 1999

Illuminated Addresses Presented to Prince Alfred

John Hawkins

Illuminated addresses given to the Duke of Edinburgh during his 1867-8 visits to Australia, are held in the Thuringisches Staatsarchiv, Schloss Friedenstein, Gotha, Germany. The finest are by Julius Hamel of publisher Hamel & Ferguson, Melbourne: those given by the Corporation of Melbourne and by the Municipality of East Collingwood in 1867 are illustrated.

A Royal Visitor. The Duke of Edinburgh K.G. 1867-8, 1869, 1870-71. Part 3. New South Wales

John B. Hawkins

The 1868 presentations including by the Protestant Sabbath Schools, Anglican Church Schools, a number of gold and silver trowels, including by the Corporation of Sydney.

The Australiana Society. Annual General Meeting 2 September 1999. President’s Report 1998-99

John Morris

Treasurer’s Report

Caressa Crouch


Photographic Portraiture Exhibition

National Portrait Gallery seeks decorative arts objects incorporating photographic portraits produced in Australia since 1845 for exhibition Mirror with a memory: Photographic Portraiture in Australia, opening March 2000.

Percy Leason’s paintings of Victorian Aboriginal People

National Portrait Gallery seeks the 5 or 6 portraits of people at Lake Tyers missing from a series of 31 exhibited by Leason in 1934 as The Last of the Victorian Aborigines.

Gold Exhibition 2001

Art Exhibitions Australia seeks 19th century Australian - particularly Queensland, Tasmanian and territorian - gold objects for National Museum of Australia special exhibition Gold in 2001.

Collecting 20th Century Australiana

Caressa Crouch

Reports Australiana Society lecture on 5 November 1998 by Andrew Shapiro, Managing Director of Phillips International Auctioneers and Valuers (Australia).

"J. Josephson" A Mystery Solved

Michel B. Reymond

Silversmith’s mark refers not to Jacob Josephson (1773-1845), jeweller at Sydney from 1818, but to Joseph Josephson (1849-1934), jeweller at Blayney 1882-1908 and Grenfell 1908-1919.

Does Gideon Saint have the answer? Pattern books and picture frame making in 19th century Australia.

Elizabeth Cant

Nineteenth century picture frame styles changed nationally and uniformly within 5-year periods. This must have been achieved by Australian frame-makers using pattern books, though none has survived, perhaps because they were working scrapbooks like that of 1760s London framer Gideon Saint.

An Important Commission for the Parliament of New South Wales

Alan Landis and Robert Lawrie

The Dessert Service made by George Jones and Sons, Trent Pottery, Stoke-on-Trent, England for the New South Wales Parliament in 1880.

Australiana Vol.22 No.1, February 2000

Tolerably Good Furniture

R. A. Fredman

The use of Red cedar (Toona ciliata) in Australian furniture from 1790 to c.1900.

(letter about at 00:3:88)

Art and Design in Western Australia - Part 1. An Introduction to the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

Dorothy Erickson

Artists and designers in Western Australia in the first twenty years of the WA School of Art and Design (Perth Technical School). Excerpted from (Ed) Dr Erickson A Century of Art and Design in Western Australia: Perth Technical School 1900-2000 (Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2000).

Wanted. State of the Waratah

[Rosie Nice]

Request for items for loan to Olympic Arts Festival exhibition "State of the Waratah" to be held in Sydney from 1 September 2000.

Peter R Walker Writing Award 1999

Awarded to John Hawkins’ series of articles on the Australian visits of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Antiques of the Future

Michael Bogle

Frank De Groot, Irish-born Sydney (1910-1948) period reproduction furniture designer, manufacturer and marketer.

Diana Pottery’s Musical Jugs and Mugs

Alan J. Robb

The moulded musical Waltzing Matilda jugs and tankards manufactured by Diana Pottery at Marrickville in Sydney c.1951-4.


Australiana Vol.22 No.2, May 2000

Julius Hogarth - Behind the Shop Front - Part 1 The First Bankruptcy 1861

John Hawkins

A comprehensive account of the business of Danish-born colonial jeweller Julius Hogarth (1821-79) in Sydney 1852-61, as revealed by his bankruptcy papers.


Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacific - Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, & National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

Potteries of Brunswick - McClelland Gallery, Studio Park Langwarrin (Victoria)

The World Turned Upside Down, Australia 1788-1830 - National Library of Australia, Canberra

Mirror with a Memory: Photographic Portraiture in Australia - National Portrait Gallery, Canberra

Colonial to Contemporary - Powerhouse Museum, Sydney


Australiana Society member Greg Peters awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2000 to study furniture conservation in Britain, Germany and France.

Australian National Maritime Museum archaeologists to resume in July the search for Cook’s Endeavour (renamed Lord Sandwich) scuttled off Newport, Rhode Island, in 1778.

Art and Design in Western Australia - Part 2. A Golden Decade

Dorothy Erickson

Artists and designers in Western Australia c.1898-1905 at Perth Technical School.

William Kerr Colonial Silversmith 1838-1896

Judith Green

The work of the Northern Irish-born colonial-raised silversmith William Kerr and his sons in New South Wales from 1863 - as researched by his sister’s granddaughter.


Australiana Vol.22 No.3, August 2000

Julius Hogarth - Behind the Shop Front - Part 2 The Second and Third Bankruptcies

John Hawkins

Danish-born colonial jeweller Julius Hogarth (1821-79) in Sydney 1862-66 and Melbourne 1866-78.

Joseph Backler. Portrait painter to the not very rich or famous

Richard Neville

Sydney-based realist portraitist in oils 1843-1880s, of whom 100+ works survive, many in the Mitchell Library. Article by the Research Curator, Pictures, State Library of NSW, host of ‘Backler and Friends’, the first exhibition of his work.

Art and Design in Western Australia - Part 3. The Domestic Art Movement – Applied Arts

Dorothy Erickson

Artists and designers in Western Australia c.1903-1914 at Perth Technical School.

Excerpted from (Ed) Dr Erickson Art and Design in Western Australia: Perth Technical School 1900-2000 (Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2000).


Denis Lake ‘In Defence of Mahogany’

- About Bob Fredman’s ‘Tolerably Good Furniture’ at 00:1:4

Keith Watson ‘Celebrating the Federation Centenary

- On J. C. Williamson’s Australian-themed Federation pantomime Australis or The City of Zero (1901).


Arts and Crafts Pottery at Phillips

20 July viewing of Phillips Auctioneers’ ‘20th Century Design, Aboriginal and Contemporary Art’ auction, including 150 pieces of Australian ceramics.

Caveat Emptor

Fake scrimshaw.

A Sinister Question

Whether painter Conrad Martens was right- or left-handed.

Peter Mercer OAM

Peter Mercer, Australiana Society member and recently-retired Curator of History at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, awarded the Order of Australia medal in the Queen’s Birthday honours list for his work in promoting and preserving history.

The Spell of the Shell

Exhibition of 19th and 20th century shell art (‘concholica’) at Susannah Place Museum until 27 August.

Research facilities at the National Maritime Museum Library

National Maritime Museum’s Vaughan Evans Library open Monday to Friday by prior appointment.

Vale Geoffrey Stilwell

John Morris

Obituary of former Curator of Allport Collection, State Library of Tasmania, and 30-year member of the National Trust’s Southern Committee.

Clay Heritage. The Lyons and Chamberlain Collection of Australian Ceramics

Noris Ioannou

Two ceramics collections, the 600-item mid-19th to 1980s Dr R. J. Lyons Collection of South Australian Ceramics, and the mostly late 1930s to 1960s Chamberlain Collection of Australian Ceramics, both recently acquired by the University of South Australia Art Collection, a selection of which are on exhibition at the University’s Art Museum from 3 August to 9 September 2000. Article by the Curator.

The Aboriginal Breastplate of Bobbey, c.1835

Peter R. Walker

A note on a pre-1850 metal gorget engraved ‘Bobbey Chief of Mungey’, surmised by the author to be King Bobby (Moorrogobben), in the Wellington Valley, NSW, Blanket Return of Aborigines in 1834.


Australiana Vol.22 No.4, November 2000

Manning Valley Furniture of the 19th Century

Garry Smith

A local heritage consultant describes the NSW mid-North Coast valley’s local timber use from 1829 and commercially-made furniture from the 1860s to 1900.

President’s Report 1999-2000

John Wade

Treasurer’s Report

Caressa Crouch

Sydney’s 150th anniversary celebration. The Big game Angling Contest of 1938

Kenneth Cavill

Trophies of the second (after the Third British Empire Games) international event of Sydney’s sesquicentenary.

Art and Design in Western Australia - Part 4. Perth Tech Graduates

Dorothy Erickson

Early Perth Technical School Art graduates Katherine O’Connor, Miguel McKinlay (1896-1958), Mattie Furphy (1878-1948), Catharine Armstrong (1885-1968), Bessie Mabel Rischbeith (1874-1967) and Flora Landells (1888-1981).

Exhibition. State of the Waratah

Rosie Nice

Exhibition at the National Trust’s S. H. Ervin Gallery and in The Royal Botanic Gardens of the waratah in Australian decorative art.


Australiana Vol.23 No.1, February 2001

William Wilson. Rediscovered Tasmanian Framemaker

Robyn Lake & Therese Mulford

A definitive article on the picture frames of Yorkshire-born William Wilson (1810-1869), Launceston fine decorative gilt frame-maker c.1842 to mid-1850s.

Genesis of the Riverview Gold Challenge Cup

Kenneth Cavill

Identifies the maker of the 1893 Riverview Gold Cup, the only surviving 19th century gold rowing trophy, as Milan-born Sydney jeweller John Priora (1854-1938) of Priora Brothers.

Art and Design in Western Australia - Part 5. Perth Technical School – Associated Campuses

Dorothy Erickson

Fremantle Technical School (from 1898) Art teachers Francesco Vanzetti (1878-1967) and John McLeod (c.1877-1947) and their students, including painter Daisy Rossi (1879-1974), teacher Muriel Southern (c.1890-1980s); and Claremont Technical School (from 1914) teacher of needlework Loui Benham (1868-1949) and her student Norma Maria Rolland (1906-1999) and painter (Frances) Cecil Ross (1890-1976).

William Champion: a Colonial Cabinetmaker?

Milford McArthur

The significance of impressed marks on 19th century Tasmanian furniture, including as an indication of ownership in the case of four pieces connected with William Champion (1801-1853), Hobart hatter (from 1824) and licensee of the Jolly Hatters’ Inn (1833-1852).

Dates and Doubts. A Review of Current Australian Nineteenth Century Furniture Dating

R. A. Fredman

Outlines 13 indicators of the probable date of manufacture of a piece of furniture. Current age attributions to Australian furniture, due to their reliance on style, are, due to the 1830s commencement of Neo-classical style, disproportionately concentrated in the 1830s and 1840s, rather than the far more populous 1850s and 1860s. Identifying reproduction and fake furniture.


Australiana Vol.23 No.2, May 2001

Australia Before Federation. Conference Opening Address.

Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC, Governor of New South Wales

Address on 31 March 2001 opening Australia Before Federation, the first Conference of the Australiana Society.

Visions of a Republic. The Work of Lucien Henry. Powerhouse Museum, Sydney 4 April-14 October 2001

Lucien Henry (1850-1896), French-born educator and artist in Sydney (1879-1891), ‘the rare combination of a beaux-arts education and a Communard’s republican ideals’.

Constitution Changes

Dr J. Bertouch

Inside the Picture Framing Business: the ledgers of John Thallon, 19th century picture framer of Melbourne

Elizabeth Cant

Fife-born John Thallon (1848-1918), picture framer in Melbourne (1878-1900s), whose 1888/9-1903 F-Z ledger provides rare insight into 19th century Australian frame-makers practice, including the reaction to factory-produced frames and photography.

The Riverview Gold Challenge Cup. A Technical and Stylistic Enigma

Raymond Stebbins

The unusual construction methods and stylistic features of an 1893 rowing trophy, handcrafted in a studio to replicate factory-based mass production manufacturing methods. Author was Australia’s first Professor of Gold and Silversmithing (at RMIT 1991-1997).

A Guide to Collecting Photographs

Joseph Lebovic

Photographic processes 1830s to date, and the current market for photographs.

Society Members Honoured

Three Australiana Society members were among the four new Life Fellows of the Powerhouse Museum - Anne Schofield, Kevin Fahy, Trevor Kennedy and Leo Schofield - invested on 2 May for distinguished contributions to the development of the Museum and its areas of interest.

New Books

Glenn R. Cooke Lady Woodcarvers of Rockhampton (Rockhampton, Rockhampton Art Gallery, 2000)

Dorothy Erickson (Ed) Art and Design in Western Australia. Perth Technical College 1900-2000 (Perth, Central Metropolitan College of TAFE, 2000)

Scott Carlin Elizabeth Bay House - A History and Guide (Sydney, Historical Houses Trust of NSW, 2001)

Caroline Miley The Arts among the Handicrafts: the Arts and Crafts Movement in Victoria 1889-1929 (Banyule, St Lawrence Press, 2001)

Patricia Miles Lucinda, Little Ship of State (Sydney, Australian National Maritime Museum, 2001)

Art and Design in Western Australia - Part 6. Perth Technical School - Between the Wars

Dorothy Erickson

Artists and designers in Western Australia c.1918-1939 at Perth Technical School.

Of Mrs Gray, Nareeb Nareeb, Painted Eggs, Black Swans, Tree Ferns and Queens

John Hawkins

Three sets of mounted swan egg vases presented to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in 1867 and to Her Majesty Queen Victoria in 1868, were probably manufactured by William Edwards, the eggs painted by Elizabeth Gray of Nareeb Nareeb, Victoria, and bought from Kilpatrick & Co, Melbourne. Fern leaves as motif in Australian decorative arts, including in silverware designed by Nicholas Chevalier (1826-1902).

Peter R. Walker Australiana Writing Award

For best article submitted to Australiana in 2000, awarded to John Hawkins for series ‘Julius Hogarth – Behind the Shopfront’.


Australiana Vol.23 No.3, August 2001

An opened trunk, a fantastic discovery

Lisa Bateman

Portfolio of interior design drawings and designs of Augusto Lorenzini (1852-1921), Rome-born artist in Sydney from 1883, recently purchased by the Historic Houses Trust of NSW and on exhibition in Augusto Lorenzini, Italian Artist Decorator, at Elizabeth bay House, Sydney, from June to 4 November 2001.

Bookplates R.I.P.?

Jeff Bidgood

Australian bookplates since 1892, primarily between the wars, but including recent commissions, including the author’s.

Charles Allen Brown (1850-1908) Australian Silversmith

Sue Air

Brisbane jeweller and silversmith 1870-c.1895, apprentice of Danish-born Sydney silversmith Christian Ludwig Qwist.

Australian Gothic

Clive Lucas

Review of Brian Andrews The Gothic Revival in Australian Architecture from the 1840s to the 1950s (Miegunyah Press, Melbourne University Press, 2001).

Clement Meadmore in Australia

Michael Bogle

Melbourne-born (in 1929) industrial designer and sculptor’s modernist furniture 1952-c.1965.


Happy 21st Birthday

Commemorating 21 years of the Historic Houses Trust of NSW.

Sydney’s historic Mint complex to be conserved

Working buildings of the Sydney Royal Mint built from 1854 behind the Macquarie Street building will be transferred to the Historic Houses Trust of NSW and undergo a $13.8 million conservation and conversion program to house the Trust’s resource collection.

Wanted for Oceans Apart - Matthew Flinders

National Maritime Museum seeks Flinders-related objects for its exhibition Oceans Apart - the story of Ann and Matthew Flinders from March to November 2002.

Wanted by the National Library

National Library’s centenary ‘Birthday BookSearch’ seeks publications to fill out its Australian collections, particularly children’s books, menus, multicultural materials, town plans, river pilot charts and portolan charts.

Sydney by Ferry at the Museum of Sydney, 13 April-4 August 2002

Historic Houses Trust of NSW seeks objects and interviews on Sydney Harbour pleasure grounds serviced by ferries, such as Correy’s Gardens, the Avenue Pleasure Grounds and Fairyland, for its exhibition Sydney by Ferry on Sydney ferry journeys and destinations.

Three Queensland Exhibitions

Centenary of Federation exhibition Blighted Paradise: Colonial Visions of Northern Australia, pictures 1770-1914, at Rockhampton Art Gallery 12 October-25 November;

Fancy work: Women’s Arts in the Federation Era at Queensland Art Gallery to 28 October; and Northern Journey: Conrad Martens in Early Queensland, arriving 1851, at Queensland Art Gallery to 11 August-14 October.

Two Sculptures acquired for Government Residences

Australiana Fund acquired two contemporary sculptures by Australians: Inge King’s Moonbird (1999) for the gardens of The Lodge, Canberra, and Clement Meadmore’s Up (1997) for the gardens of Government House, Canberra.

Thomas Griffiths Wainewright’s Reunion of Eros and Psyche and Lothaire of Bourgogne

Peter R. Walker

Two erotic watercolours of literary subjects painted by the London-born artist Wainewright (1794-1844), transported for forgery in 1837 to Van Diemen’s Land, for the Hobart Town Colonial Hospital assistant surgeon Dr Robert Nuttall c.1840-1844.

Grace Seccombe 1880-1956

Marvin Hurnall & Megan Martin

Staffordshire-born Sydney potter, who produced from her Eastwood home studio kiln (1930-1956) strong-selling naturalistically-glazed Australian bird and animal figures, often on bookends, and pottery with Aboriginal motifs in 1936-7.

Australiana Vol.23 No.4, November 2001

"Quilled on the Cann". Alexander Hart, Glaswegian, Cabinetmaker, Scottish Radical and Convict

John Hawkins

Suggests early 1820s furniture traceable to Dr Charles Throsby’s houses Glenfield (1817) and Throsby Park, Robert Lowe’s Birling, Bringelly, and Sir John Jamison’s Regentville (1823), near Mulgoa, has west Scottish (rather than south Irish) form (lum chest) and decoration (spiral-reeded/quilled on the cam) and may have been produced by the Parramatta cabinetmaking workshop of Glasgow cabinetmaker Hart (1794-1876), transported for 14 years for treason in 1821 to New South Wales for joining a protest against falling wages.

Brisbane’s Mayoral Regalia

Ruth Dwyer

A 1906 photograph of the Mayor of Brisbane, John Crase (1837-1919), proprietor of John Crase & Co, Architectural and General Ironfounders, from 1885, shows the gold civic chain of Brisbane City Council, made by Charles Allen Brown Jr.

Was Dick Guilty?

John Houstone

Retired solicitor reviews the 1829 Sydney trial evidence of Edinburgh-born silversmith Alexander Dick (1790s-1843) for receiving 12 silver spoons burgled from the house of NSW Colonial Secretary Alexander McLeay in 1826.

President’s Report 2000-01

John Wade

Treasurer’s Report 2000

Caressa Crouch

Maritime Memorials. Life After Death

Kieran Hosty (photographs by Andrew Frolows)

Three captioned photographs of Sydney memorials: the Dunbar’s anchor (wrecked 1857), placed at South Head 1910; HMAS Sydney’s tri-mast, placed at Bradley’s Head in 1934; and Thomas Woolner’s statue of Captain Cook, unveiled in Hyde Park in 1879.

Plain and fancy. Quilts from the National Quilt Register

Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, celebrating the launch of the Register of 1000+ quilts by Australian women 1850-1965 compiled by the Pioneer Women’s Hut in Tumbarumba, NSW.

The Adelaide Gold Pound

Andrew Crellin

The origin and production of Australia’s first gold coin (1852).


Australiana Vol.24 No.1, February 2002

The 1839 Gillows commission to furnish Woolmers in Van Diemen’s Land for Thomas and Susannah Archer

John Hawkins

The author, on a visit to the house Woolmers (1819, 1839), near Longford, Tasmania, built by Thomas Archer (1790-1850), recognised the dining, drawing and bedroom furniture as by the English furniture firm Gillow(s) & Co, Lancaster, and later identified a plan of the drawing room furnishings held in the Archer family papers as by Gillows, and found Archer’s order for library bookcases in 1837-49 Estimate Sketch Books in the Gillows archives in Lancaster. The author’s inventory of 40 items of Woolmers’ dining, drawing and bedroom furniture, and the furniture inventory from Thomas Archer’s will, are appended to the article.

(letter about at 02:2:59)

A Bookcase for a Study

R. A. Fredman

A c.1840-1850 Australian red cedar breakfront bookcase once in Port Macquarie, NSW, is identified as copied from George Smith’s The Cabinet-maker and Upholsterer’s Guide (1826), adapted for local requirements. Its examination adds significantly to understanding of Australian furniture commission.


Australiana Vol.24 No.2, May 2002

A Ring fit for a Prince? A Gold Mining Souvenir from Colonial Victoria

Ildikó Pandur & John Wade

Examination of a heavy gold ring acquired by the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest in 1964, by the museum’s metalwork curator in 2000, revealed compartments with inscriptions of four Victorian gold mining districts. Similar rings are referred to in 1855 and on Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh’s 1867 visit to Bendigo. The ring is punched ‘HE’, which could be connected to Sydney goldsmiths Hogarth, Erichsen & Co, Melbourne watchmaker and jeweller Henry Elder, or, the authors’ favoured possibility, Bendigo jeweller Henry Elsas.

If you seek their memorials look around: Colours and Guidons in the Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Brisbane

Tania Cleary

Commemorating Queensland infantry and cavalry units’ military involvement 1899-1972.

Welcoming the Stranger

Ruth Dwyer

A piece of the Welcome Stranger, the world’s largest alluvial gold nugget (2283 oz), unearthed near Moliagul in Victoria in 1869, was mounted on a brooch by Melbourne jeweller Robert Henry Parker (1856-1933) for retailer Henry Newman (c.1824-1913) in c.1890-4.

Well honoured Kevin Fahy

Terry Ingram

Reprint of 31 January 2002 Australian Financial Review article on Kevin Fahy, made a Member of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day honours for service to the community.

Letter to the Editors

Clive Lucas Re: Gillows Furniture at Woolmers

About John Hawkins ‘The 1839 Gillows commission to furnish Woolmers in Van Diemen’s Land for Thomas and Susannah Archer’ at 02:1:4

Wanted. Art Pottery 1900-1950

Australian art or studio pottery for inclusion by compilers and editor of proposed Casuarina Press publication Australian Art Pottery 1900-1950.

Donald Friend’s Diaries

John Wade

Reviews of Anne Gray (Ed.) The Diaries of Donald Friend (National Library of Australia, Canberra, 2001) and Lou Klepac (Select. & Intro.) The Genius of Donald Friend. Drawings from the Diaries 1942-1989 (National Library of Australia, Canberra, 2000).

President’s Report

John Wade

Treasurer’s Report

Caressa Crouch


Australiana Vol.24 No.3, August 2002

A stranger to the town. The life of colonial painter Frederick Strange

Robyn Lake & Therese Mulford

Definitive biography of the artist Strange (c.1807-1873), transported for life to Van Diemen’s Land for robberies about Colchester in 1837. He was a portrait and landscape painter in Launceston c.1845 to c.1862.

Changing Images. The painter and the photographer

[Robyn Lake & Therese Mulford]

Brisbane Street, Launceston, by Frederick Strange (painting, 1858) and William Cawston (photograph, 1866).

Mary Card and her crochet lace

Barbara Ballantyne

Crochet lace design by Victorian-born author Mary Card (1861-1940).


Australiana Vol.24 No.4, November 2002

Clyde Bank

John Hawkins

Robert Crawford (1799-1848) left Greenock, west Scotland, in 1821 to be a civil servant in New South Wales. His Sydney house, Clyde Bank (1823), may have Australia’s earliest surviving Scottish-style interior architectural detailing.

The Oatlands Grammar School Medal, Tasmania

F. A. Sinfield

Oatlands Grammar School, Tasmania, (opened 1841) and its only known silver medal, awarded in 1855 for Classics and Mathematics to Alfred Burbury.

Industrial Art Pottery in Western Australia

Dorothy Erickson

Western Australia art (from 1881) and industrial (from 1886) ceramics, including that produced by H. L. Brisbane & Wunderlich (from 1890s, today known as Australian Fine China), Calyx (from 1921), Wembley Ware (1946-1961) and Courtland’s Pottery (c.1902-1996).

Book Review. The People’s Potteries. Stories of the Art Potteries of Sydney – Post WW2

John Wade

Review of Dorothy Johnston The People’s Potteries. Stories of the Art Potteries of Sydney – Post WWII (Dorothy Johnston, Cooranbong NSW, 2002)

George’s Hall, Major Johnston’s Bankstown Estate

Peter R. Walker

The watercolour landscape George’s Hall (1805) by Sydney-born farmer George Johnston Junior (1790-1820), of the estate of his father George Johnston (1764-1823), the First Fleet’s Marines’ First Lieutenant.


Australiana Vol.25 No.1, February 2003

The value of land records in research

Michel Reymond

In absence of dated building plans, land subdivision plans and records of land dealings (and City of Sydney section plans) enable establishment of more precise building construction dates than stylistic attributions. Cites Beggan Beggan, near Harden, NSW (found to be built 1863-5, not 1840s); and (all in Sydney) Don Bank, North Sydney (1854 not 1820s), Cleveland House, Surry Hills (1823-4 not 1810), Octagon Tower, Darling Point (1832, not after 1834), Rose Bay Lodge, Rose Bay (1834, but thought demolished) and Clyde Bank, The Rocks. Update of 1978 article. Refers to John Hawkins ‘Clyde Bank’ at 02:4:100.

The significance of a studio: Nell Holden & The Chalet

Megan Martin

Sydney studio potters, sisters Nell (1892-1980) and Win (born 1904) Holden, and the studio in Warrawee (erected 1925) operating (first as Wynnel Pottery Studio) 1931-1968.

Did the pawnbroker get off?

Ruth Dwyer

An 1866 St Kilda robbery and 1867 trial of Melbourne pawnbroker Jacob Andrade Isaacs for receiving stolen goods sheds light on the system and vocabulary of jewellery fencing.

Misdescription at auction: whose responsibility?

David St L. Kelly & Helen J. Kelly

Trade Practices Act 1974 on legal responsibility of auctioneers, vendors and buyers where a question arises about the description of goods sold at auction.

The Sobraon wonder Bernard Bede (Barney) Kieran

Laurie Fromholtz

Summary of author’s biography of Sydney-born world recond holding swimmer Barney Kieran (1886-1905), taught to swim while a student (1900-4) on the NSW Education Department nautical school ship (1891-1911) Sobraon.

Commercial art pottery in Western Australia 1920s-1960s

Dorothy Erickson

Four small pre-Craft Revival potteries: Flora née Le Cornu and Reginald Landells’ Landells’ Pottery (1920s-60) and Maylands School of Art, Narrogin Potteries (1924-c.29), Jean née Elliot and Bill Darbyshire’s Darbyshire Potteries (1948-59) and Eileen née Cook and Edward Kohler’s Kohlerware (c.1950-c.64).

A whale oil lamp for Runnymede

Warwick Oakman

Collection of Hobart villa Runnymede (1843) as 1864-1965 home of the Bayley family, originally whalers and merchants; especially recently-lent c.1840 pewter whale oil light.


Australiana Vol.25 No.2, May 2003


John Wade

Industrial design journals in Australia

Simon Jackson

Two short-lived Ure Smith publications promoting industrial design: Australia: National Journal, 1st No.Winter Issue 1939, and Art and Design, no.1 1949.

Q & A

Qs re identity of pottery koala (A. John Wade), lace traycloth (Barbara Ballantyne), Tasmania bar brooch (Ken Cavill) and rower Edward Hanlan glass mug (John Wade).

Profile: Justin Miller, Chairman of Sotheby’s Australia

John Wade

His interest in colonial furniture. Sotheby’s Australia’s Australian furniture auctions since 1987.

President’s Report 2002

John Wade

Treasurer’s Report 2002

Caressa Crouch

The Australiana Society Inc. Income & Expenditure Statement, 1 January to 31 December 2002

[Caressa Crouch]

Australian decorative arts in the Clyde Bank collection

John Hawkins

Furniture, silverware, medallions, scrimshaw, ceramics and sculpture in the collection assembled by Caroline Simpson OAM (1930-2003) in Sydney house Clyde Bank.

Silver match boxes of Australian make & interest

Kenneth Cavill

On the friction match, British silver match boxes and on silver and gold (including book) match boxes and match box holders made in Australia c.1880-1930s.

Travellers’ Art

Tim Fisher

Notes Travellers’ Art exhibition at the National Library of Australia, Canberra, 12 June-21 September 2003, of 200 early Australian travel images.

Who is WHN? A correction

Grace Cochrane

The incised mark on 6 Powerhouse Museum bowls and plates described as ‘WHN’ and attributed to Nell Holden in Megan Martin ‘The significance of a studio: Nell Holden & The Chalet’ at 03:1:6 at 9, is not known to be one of Nell Holden’s.


Australiana Vol.25 No.3, August 2003


John Wade

Charles Henry Theodore Costantini: convict, surgeon, artist & … forger?

Andrew Morris

Supreme Court cases (in 1836 and 1841) of forgery of banknotes of the Commercial Bank of Van Diemen’s Land (later Commercial Bank of Tasmania Limited) (1829-1921) and (in 1841) the Derwent Bank raise convict artist suspects, Thomas Bock (1790-1855), William Buelow Gould (1803-53) and Costantini (c.1803-60), transported for life to New South Wales in 1823, who painted watercolour trompe l’œil collages incorporating banknotes.

Rediscovered. The Joubert jewel cabinet by Peter Thomle

David & Helen Kelly

Fine inlaid jewel cabinet, by Denmark-born Brisbane cabinetmaker Peter Thomle (born 1848), presented in 1876 to France-born entrepreneur and exhibition organiser Jules Joubert (1824-1907), Commissioner of NSW’s exhibits at the National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland’s first exhibition in 1876.

Australia’s first book on Industrial Design

Simon Jackson

Colin Barrie’s Design (Longmans, The Arts in Australia series, Croydon, Vic., 1962) and its use in schools.

The Intrepid Schoolmaster. John William Billiatt

R.A. Phillips

1882 Glenelg Amateur Boat Race silver trophy presented to explorer (on John McDouall Stuart’s sixth expedition 1861-3), Lancing School headmaster (c.1875-c.1890) and yachtsman John William Billiatt (1842-1919), and 1881 Lancing School, Glenelg, gold medal awarded to Ernest Maurice Sabine (1867-1957).

William Holford’s art and influence on Australian Pottery

John Wade

The work of potter, modeller and mould-maker William Holford (1840-1914) in Victoria, Lithgow, Sydney and Adelaide, currently in National Museum of Australian Pottery, Wodonga, travelling exhibition and book (by Geoff Ford) William Holford’s art and design influence on Australian Pottery.

The artist and a sitter. Oswald Rose Campbell and John de Villiers Lamb

Fred Sinfield

Work of artist Oswald Rose Campbell (1820-1887), including his 1854 pencil and crayon portrait of Sydney businessman John de Villiers Lamb (1833-1900).


Australiana Vol.25 No.4, November 2003


John Wade

George Peck purveyor of the fine arts

Robyn Lake

Career of Hull, Yorkshire, England-born George Henry Peck (1810-1863), ‘Carver, Gilder, Ornamental Draughtsman, and Designer’, stationer, art union organiser and painting exhibitor, violinist, concert organiser, orchestra leader, and model exhibitor (‘Theatre of Arts’ dioramas, and Hobart Town model and panorama) in Hobart Town and Launceston 1833-38, Royal Victoria Theatre violinist and model exhibitor in Sydney 1838-39, model exhibitor in London 1840, carver and gilder in Hull 1842-c.49, concert organiser and composer in San Francisco, California 1851-c.52, music teacher and art union organiser in Melbourne 1853-57, orchestra leader in Hobart 1858 and violinist, music teacher, composer, music seller and ball organiser in Sydney 1858-63.

‘John Glover and the colonial picturesque’ The artist and the exhibition

David Hansen

First professional artist in Van Diemen’s Land, prominent Leicestershire, England-born art teacher and Picturesque painter John Glover (1767-1849), President of the Society of Painters in Water Colours and, later, of the Society of British Artists. His work in Van Diemen’s Land 1831-49, notably in landscape, currently in Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery exhibition John Glover and the Colonial Picturesque.

William Webster Hoare’s Natural History Drawings

Peter Walker

23 bound pen, ink and watercolour drawings of plants, fish and crabs made by William Webster Hoare (1841-1927), Assistant Surgeon on the South Australian Survey Expedition to Darwin 1869-70, recently entered the collection of the State Library of South Australia.

Brass galleries on early Australian sideboards

Keith Okey

Reviews 36 surviving early (1780s-1820s) sideboards in Australia (28 six-, 7 eight- and 1 four-legged) for evidence of back curtain brass gallery supports.

Australia at Montreal Expo ’67

Simon Jackson

Architecture and interior design of first national Australian pavilion at a major international exhibition, the Australian Pavilion at Expo ’67 ‘Man and His World’ in Montreal, Canada.

Letters to the editor

Helen Kelly & David Kelly

Two letters: one about each of their Australiana articles ‘Misdescription at auction: whose responsibility?’ (February 2003) and ‘Rediscovered. The Joubert jewel cabinet by Peter Thomle’ (August 2003).

The State Library of Victoria’s Cowen Gallery

[John Wade]

Marking State Library of Victoria’s 150th anniversary (2004), new exhibition space in two rooms off main hall opened 27 November displaying 150 art works from Library’s collection.

The Low-Down on Successful Antique Furniture Buying

Christian Da Silva

Basic antique furniture buying advice from Sydney furniture restorer.

News & Reviews

[John Wade]


Football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cabinets

Art Gallery of South Australia’s recent Style exhibition displayed cocktail cabinet made by redundant Adelaide General Motors Holden woodcarvers in 1937.

Giant - ancient and historic trees. Geelong Gallery, 29 November 2003-15 February 2004

Exhibition of images of significant historic trees, mainly in Victoria.

Red Cedar in Australia. Museum of Sydney, 8 May-15 August 2004

Exhibition commissioned from John McPhee.

In a New Light. National Library of Australia, till 26 January [2004]

First part of exhibition selected by Helen Ennis from Library’s photographic collection: 300 images from 1850s to 1930s. Second part, 1930s to 2000, to show 19 August-14 November 2004.

Book Reviews

Patrick McCaughey The Bright Shapes and the True Names. A Memoir (Text Publishing, Melbourne, 2003)

Deborah Edwards Presence and Absence. Portrait Sculpture in Australia (National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, 2003)

Terence Lane Nineteenth Century Australian Art in the National Gallery of Victoria (National Gallery of Victoria, [Melbourne,] 2003)

Giulia Grazi Per Andrea Corsali (Empoli, 2003)


John Ward ‘Fanny Richardson’s Brooch’, National Library of Australia News, October 2003.

Articles by Patricia R. McDonald, Jane Watters, Julian Bickersteth and by Dr James Broadbent in

Reflections, the NSW National Trust magazine, October 2003.


Society News

Membership passes 400. Seeks Australiana-researcher nominations for Order of Australia.

Australiana in Slovenia

Society website used by Slovenian English students.

Pugin in the Antipodes

Brian Andrews Creating a Gothic Paradise: Pugin at the Antipodes (Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery) catalogue short-listed for 2003 Berger Prize in British Art History.

Peter R. Walker Fine Art

Opens new gallery in Adelaide in December.

Australian furniture book

Simpson’s Antiques’ Queen Street shop closes to deal from home. Kevin Fahy & Andrew Simpson’s Australian Furniture. Pictorial History and Dictionary still available.


Australiana Vol.26 No.1, February 2004


John Wade

Charles Astley. The career of an artist and art teacher on the Darling Downs

Glenn R. Cooke

The ‘school’ of London, England-born Charles Ernest Astley (1869-1929), painter, china-painter and woodcarver as Queensland Education department art instructor at Toowoomba from 1902, and at Warwick Technical College from 1908.

Coming to the surface - lost arts and popular crafts

John McPhee

Amateur scrap timber or cigar box chip-carvings and frames.

Neil Douglas and the Murrumbeena Pottery

Marvin Hurnall

The Arthur Merric Boyd (AMB) Murrumbeena Potteries studio pottery of Boyd, John Perceval, Peter Herbst and Neil Douglas (d.2003).

Cleaning and waxing furniture

Christian Da Silva

Furniture maintenance advice from Sydney furniture restorer.

The Sydney Cove Map

Bev Atkinson

The construction of the terrazzo and brass map in First Fleet Park, Sydney.

A Master Craftsman: Lewis John Godfrey

Helen Foote

London-born stone- and wood-carver Lewis John Godfrey (born 1834), particularly in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Letters to the Editors

Michel B. Reymond, Keith Okey

Letter on Okey’s Australiana article ‘Brass Galleries on early Australian Sideboards’ (November 2003) and author’s response.

‘Only the best - Second best not being good enough’

Alan Perry

Former Ricketts & Thorp Pty Ltd cabinetmaker Alan Perry details the Rockdale, Sydney, furniture manufacturer’s 1912-1977 history.

Recent acquisitions by The Australiana Fund

Johanna Cole

The Australiana Fund’s Fine Arts Adviser reports on recent purchases for the four official Australian Government residences.


Australiana Vol.26 No.2, May 2004


John Wade

‘Colony New Australia’ notes

Andrew Crellin

The five known remaining money notes issued by the Australian-founded in 1894 socialist colony at Colonia Nueva Australia, Paraguay.

A scrimshaw box in the Clyde Bank Collection, and its conjectural Australian significance

Robert M. Warneke

Consideration of theory proposed in John Hawkins’ Australiana article ‘Australian decorative arts in the Clyde Bank collection’ (May 2003) that the subject engraved on the elaborate scrimshaw box was the careening of Matthew Flinders’ ship ‘Investigator’ in Australian waters.

More than a memory - the art of Elizabeth Parsons

Veronica Filmer

19th century Victorian professional artist Elizabeth Parsons (1831-1897).

Australian Art Pottery 1900-1950

John Wade

Review of new book of this title cites previous landmark publications on Australiana.

Australian furniture design before WWII

Simon Jackson

Development of industrial design and modernism in Australian furniture before 1945.

The Schatzkammer and the Antipodes

Jolyon Warwick James

Central European influences on some late 19th century Australian silversmiths. The Schatzkammer, Treasure Chambers, were of rare properties.

Australiana Society Inc. Annual Report 2003

President’s Report 2003

John Wade

Treasurer’s Report 2003

Caressa Crouch

The Australiana Society Inc. Income & Expenditure Statement

Amy Harvey, Western Australian china painter

Dorothy Erickson

China painted by Amy Harvey (1899-c.1990).


Australiana Vol.26 No.3, August 2004

Louis Bilton and Australian flora

Glenn R. Cooke

English decorator Louis Bilton (c.1860-1910) visited Australia in the 1880s and later painted Australian flora on Doulton & Company’s porcelain.


John Wade

Italian jewellers in New South Wales

Roslyn Maguire

Italy-born jewellers in late 19th century New South Wales.

Edward Baker Boulton (1812-1895): a watercolourist rediscovered

John Edwards

England-born painter in 19th century New South Wales.

James Oatley and his Long Case Clocks

Kevin Fahy

James Oatley (c.1770-1839) the best-known early Australian clock- and watch-maker.

Collector’s Corner

[John Wade]

Glove Stretcher

Bone or ivory glove stretchers stamped Lloyd & Collins Sydney.

Kangaroo teapots

Coorparoo Pottery, Brisbane, teapots and their recent imitations.

Colonial Spoons

An auction lot of silver includes two tablespoons by Sydney silversmith Alexander Dick.

Eleanor Joan Kerr AM, 1938-2004

John Wade

Obituary of fine art scholar.


[John Wade]

From a Little Acorn

3 exhibitions being prepared for centenary of Society of Arts and Crafts of New South Wales.

Wembley Ware

Australiana Society member Paul Bisby’s book on Western Australian post-war art pottery Wembley Ware.

Stripping in Toorak

Newly revealed Victorian murals at Mandeville Hall, Toorak.

Caroline Simpson’s gift to the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales

Donation by children of late Sydney collector of the $10.5 million colonial furniture and art collection in her Rocks house museum Clyde Bank and a $1.5 million endowment.

Proud to be different: celebrating the 14th of July in Sydney

Ivan Barko

French settlers in New South Wales, including celebration of the French National Day from 1885.

A rum naval trophy. The Colin Rodgers Cup

Kenneth Cavill

Silverware in the Royal Australian Naval Historical Collection, Spectacle Island, Sydney, including a unique Australian-manufactured silver trophy in the form of a naval rum measure.


Australiana Vol.26 No.4, November 2004

Australian pottery exhibitions in Queensland

Judith McKay

Three new exhibitions this summer: Ipswich Potteries 1873-1926, William Holford’s Art and Design Influence on Australian Pottery, and Queensland Potteries: A Century of Production.


John Wade

Caroline Stimson’s sampler in the Sydney International Exhibition, 1879

Fiona Starr

Needlework items by children of Old Guildford Public School, Sydney, displayed among the Public Schools Exhibits at the Garden Place exhibition of 1879-1880.

A cabinet meeting

R. A. Fredman

A Tasmanian auction lot advertised as an Australian Regency chiffonier base proved on examination to be an Australian side cabinet to which a backboard and shelf had been added in Victorian times.

Over the water jump: a painting by Thomas Hamilton Lyttleton (1826-1876)

Peter R. Walker

Tasmania-born equestrian painter’s oil on board of the 1869 Ballarat Autumn Steeplechase.

A victory won by a lost battle. The Eureka Stockade

Veronica Moriarty

Depictions of the Eureka uprising at Ballarat on 3 December 1854.

Australiana Society excursions 2004

[John Wade]

Photographs of 2004 excursions in Sydney, Canberra and Hobart.

In a New Light

[John Wade]

Examples from exhibition of Australian photography 1930s-2000 at National Library of Australia.

Tradesmen’s bills

Lisa Murray

St Joseph’s (Lisgar) Investment & Building Society collection of documents at the Cociety of Australian Genealogists in Sydney.

Letters to the Editors

‘Joseph Forrester’

John Hawkins

Reports genealogical article on Scotland-born silversmith (1805-c.1860?) who emigrated to Tasmania.

‘Oatley Clocks’

Bob Fredman

Sees two cabinet-makers’ hands in Oatley clocks.

Auction update

[John Wade]

Photographs of and results for items recently auctioned at Stanley & Co., Sydney.

Snapshot! How to keep your photos safe

Elizabeth Hadlow

Photograph care advice from senior conservator at Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney.

Book Reviews

John Wade

Geoff Ford Ipswich Potteries 1873-1926 (Ipswich Art Gallery, Ipswich, 2004)

Kevin Fahy

John McPhee Red Cedar in Australia (Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales, Sydney, [2004])

John Wade

John H. Edwards Edward Baker Boulton, Australia’s Forgotten Artist (Norrong Press, [Dulwich Hill, 2004])

John Wade

Judith McKay Showing off. Queensland at World Expositions 1862 to 1988 (Central Quuensland University Press/The Queensland Museum, [2004])


[John Wade]

New Director for Adelaide Gallery

Christopher Menz appointed Director of Art Gallery of South Australia.

Brisbane City Hall

Brisbane Council of Elders calls for removal of ‘submissive’ Aboriginal figures on 1930 tympanum of Brisbane City Hall.


Australiana Society’s website links improved; Australiana Fund’s website established.

Australia flora and fauna

Sydney researcher seeks examples of Australian flora and fauna stonecarvings on 1870s buildings.


Recently-auctioned E. Mickleburgh whalebone carving ‘Barque Terror Commencing after Sperm Whales, Property of B. Boyd, Esq.’

Patrick White house

Australian author’s last home in Sydney for sale.

Australian design at Expo ’70, Osaka

Simon Jackson

The Japanese and Australian Pavilions at the Japan World Exposition.